Changeable as the weather!

My plans are changing all the time, it’s terrible. But since I would like to have some money left after my adventures, I’m changing plans once again. I still want to go to Japan, but I think I will postpone that trip a few months.

This is the new plan: I would like to go to Seoul for a trimester and then maybe stay a bit to travel and then to Fukuoka (so I can see the cherry blossoms in full glory).

I would like to go to Best Friend Korean Language and Culture Centre, starting 27th of September and finishing 7th of December. I will probably go from about a week beforehand, but I don’t know how much longer I’ll stay there. It depends if I can stay longer at the accommodation the school provides or not.

After that I want to go to Fukuoka for 3 months, from let’s say January to March or maybe a bit later.

The reason I changed my plans is because staying and studying in Japan is a lot more expensive than in Korea. Also, the exchange rates of Japanese YEN change more than those of Korean WON. Because of this, the costs for Japan change all the time while the cost for studying in Korea stay about the same and so they are more predictable.

More about the school in Seoul:

The school is located in Sinchon-dong, Seoul. This is where Yonsei University and Ehwa Women University are located. Simon and Martina have made a pretty awesome WANKing video in Ehwa Women University, which you can watch right here:

According to the school website, the accommodation (which is a fully equipped apartment) is about 10-20 minutes by foot from the school. Also, the school itself can be found in a shopping street, right above Pizza Hut. Now that’s what I call convenient. 😉

If anyone has studied at Best Friends or in Seoul, please let me know your opinion about it.


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