Probably the last change of plans

Just a quick update of my (new) plan.

I will attend Best Friend Korean Language and Culture Center, in Seoul, in October and November. The first month, I will do a homestay and the second month I will stay in an apartment. In December I will explore either Seoul or the rest of South Korea.

I will attend either GenkiJACS or WAHAHA Language School, in Fukuoka, in January and February. I might consider a homestay for the first month too, but since this is really expensive, I probably won’t do that. Otherwise I will spend three months in a dorm. In March I will explore either Fukuoka or Kyushu (the southern most of the four big islands of Japan).

That’s all for the quick update! ^_^


4 thoughts on “Probably the last change of plans

    • Nee, da’s een gastgezin. Couchsurfen is normaal gezien gratis en da’s ook maar voor een paar nachten. Homestay kost geld en dan verblijf ik voor een maand bij een Koreaans gezin, en in de formule dat ik gekozen heb, gaan die met mij ook vanalles bezoeken enzo.

      “Only one person stays in the home of a Korean family. Family shows care for you. You feel that you become the real family members.

      – Family members
      Perfect family has parents and children.
      Meals: twice a day on weekdays, 3 times a day on weekend

      – Special activities
      Cultural tour: family provides the cultural tour for your memorable time in Korea. They take you to the special places where are well known among Koreans. (once a week)
      Korean conversation: You can get many opportunities to learn actual Korean with Korean family. Watching Korean drama, playing with kids, listening k-pop, playing Korean traditional game (one hour a day)”


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