I was planning to post the next blog post only in June, but because agood friend of mine suggested to write some fun stuff in the meantime, here I am!

A while ago I started learning Hangeul (or Hangul), which is the Korean phonetic alphabet. Due to my internship I don’t really find the time or energy to really concentrate on it but I find that I’m doing alright in the process. I’ve now learnt 19 of the 24 letters, which is pretty good, right?

Let me show you what I’m talking about!

Replica of Hunmin Jeongeum Haerye, the book in...

Replica of Hunmin Jeongeum Haerye, the book in which the creation of hangul is explained. Picture taken at the National Museum Korea in Seoul. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ll first show the ones I already know:


  • ㄱ which is pronounced ‘g’
  • ㄷ which is pronounced ‘d’ or ‘t’
  • ㅁ which is pronounced ‘m’
  • ㅇ which is pronounced ‘ng’ if it is at the end of a syllable. If it is at the start of a syllable, it is not pronounced.
  • ㄴ which is pronounced ‘n’
  • ㄹ which is pronounced ‘r’ or ‘l’
  • ㅂ which is pronounced ‘p’ or ‘b’
  • ㅅ which is pronounced ‘s’
  • ㅈ which is pronounced ‘j’ (‘dzj’ for my Dutch friends)


  • ㅏ which is pronounced ‘a’
  • ㅓ which is pronounced ‘o’ (short ‘o’ sound)
  • ㅗ which is pronounced ‘o’ (long ‘o’ sound)
  • ㅜ which is pronounced ‘oo’ (or for my Dutch friends: ‘oe’)
  • ㅡ which is pronounced uhm …. I don’t think there is a comparable sound to it
  • ㅣ which is pronounced ‘i’ (as in ‘in’)
  • ㅑ which is pronounced ‘ya’
  • ㅕ which is pronounced ‘yo’ (short ‘o’ sound)
  • ㅛ which is pronounced ‘yo’ (long ‘o’ sound)
  • ㅠ which is pronounced ‘yoo’ (or ‘yoe’ for my Dutch friends)

So now all there’s left to learn for me are:

  • ㅊ which is pronounced ‘sh’
  • ㅋ which is pronounced ‘k’
  • ㅌ which is pronounced ‘t’
  • ㅍ which is pronounced ‘p’
  • ㅎ which is pronounced ‘h’

So as you can see, I’m doing pretty well I think. I still have to drill the one’s I already know, so that I can easily read them without really thinking about them, and then I’ll learn the last five.

I’ll get to this subject once more, because there is a bit more to explain about the writing system. But I think this will be enough for today. 😉

I will try to post something every day from now on, things I want to visit in Seoul/Korea, fun stuff I find about Korea, … I will leave Japan for what it is right now, and concentrate on Seoul/Korea for a while. 🙂

In July I will be able to get up-to-date about my school and accommodation in Seoul, so I’ll keep you posted!

Oh, just a quick note: I don’t mean to really teach anything here. This is just to show my friends what I’m doing, and to give them some illustrations. It is possible that I made some mistakes or some mistranslations because English is not my mother tongue.

And a question for my real-life friends: would you like it if I post everything in Dutch too? I am thinking about it, but the fact that it gives me double the amount of work is keeping me from it. Now let me know if this would be a great idea. If enough people say so, I’ll definitely think about it. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Hangeul

    • Dat vind ik een goed idee! 😀 Ik zal er mijn werk eens van maken en dan kunt ge tegen ‘t einde van de week ook een beetje Zotte-taals spreken 😀


  1. Ik vind het wel eens plezant uw Engels te lezen, voor mij mag het blijven. Maar ik begrijp wel dat sommigen het er moeilijker mee hebben. Ge zult volgens mij dan toch ook in het Nederlands moeten schrijven.


  2. yooya
    just do whatever you feel like doing (doe gewoon je goesting)
    mij maakt het niet zo veel uit
    ik stem neutraal


    • Yiisaaaa! 😀
      I will, I will, but it might be easier for people like Jasmine and my mother for whom English isn’t that easy to understand. 😉


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