My must see in Seoul

Today there are 5 things I want to add, which I will definitely visit once I’m in Seoul. I won’t explain into detail, that will be for later on. There is no particular order of which I like best.

1. Cheonggyecheon

Hi Seoul' 2008. Spring. 2nd day

Cheonggyecheon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2. N Seoul Tower or Namsan Tower

N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3. Ewha Womans University and surrounding area

English: Ewha Womans University Campus ‪中文(繁體)...

Ewha Womans University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4. Han River and bridges

English: The Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, also ...

The Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, also known as the Banpo Bridge in Korean in Seoul at night. Photograph has been digitally enhanced using Photoshop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5. Fortress Wall

Fortress Wall

Fortress Wall (Photo credit:


6 thoughts on “My must see in Seoul

    • Cool hè! Maar gij komt af hè, dan kunt ge ook zien. :p Moeke zei da Jimmy mee mocht en dat zij wel een week uw kinderen bijhoudt. :p AFKOMEN ZEG IK U. 😀


    • Jep jep! Maar die Cheonggyecheon is ook wel awesome ze. ^^ Maar ik ga waarschijnlijk vandaag wat meer uitleg geven over die dingen. Ik had eergisteren gezegd dat ik elke dag ging posten, dus heb ik gisteren snel snel gepost. 😉


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