My must see in Seoul part 2

Following yesterday’s post, here’s an explanation of my 5 favourite attractions in Seoul.

1. Cheonggyecheon

Before the Cheonggye Stream was restored in 2005, it was only a waterway running under a highway. Today, however, the stream has been transformed into a natural beauty in the middle of a bustling city. More than 20 bridges cross the stream and you may find many artistical works along the 8.4km long waterway.

Cheonggyecheon before

Cheonggyecheon before. (Photo taken from:

Cheonggyecheon after

Cheonggyecheon after. (Photo taken from:

2. N Seoul Tower or Namsan Tower

The tower's cable car

The tower’s cable car. (Photo credit:

This tower is officially known as the CJ Seoul Tower, but better known as Namsan Tower or Seoul Tower. It’s a communication and observation tower, located on Namsan Mountain in the center of Seoul. It has been featered in several Korean Dramas, such as Boys over Flowers (which is one of the best dramas I’ve seen so far).

From the observation deck, you get a breathtaking view of Seoul. The tower itself is about 236 m high and sits atop Namsan Mountain, at 243 m high. Because the panoramic view is stunning, Seoul Tower is considered the best tower in Asia.

3. Ewha Womans University and surrounding area

English: Ewha Womans University

Ewha Womans University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The university is one of the city’s largest institutions of higher education and the world’s largest female educational institute. It’s also one of the best-known universities in South Korea and among the top universities in Korea. Ewha – which means Pear Blossom) was founded in 1886.

Idae (abbreviation form of Ewha  University) area  has many restaurants and several outdoor shopping areas, which are mostly specifically for female students. The are is very budget-friendly and has lots of trendy clothing stores.

4. Han River and bridges

Updated image from this image at Japanese Wiki...

A bridge over the Han River. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The river flows through Seoul and is unussually wide, with a width of

more than 1 km within Seoul. No less than 27 bridges cross the Han River. Here’s the full list:  Ilsan Bridge; 일산대교 • Gimpo Bridge; 김포대교 • Haengju Bridge; 행주대교 • Banghwa Bridge; 방화대교 • Gayang Bridge; 가양대교 • Seongsan Bridge; 성산대교 • Yanghwa Bridge; 양화대교 • Dangsan Railway Bridge; 당산철교 • Seogang Bridge; 서강대교 • Mapo Bridge; 마포대교 • Wonhyo Bridge; 원효대교 • Hangang Railway Bridge; 한강철교 • Hangang Bridge; 한강대교 • Dongjak Bridge; 동작대교 • Banpo Bridge with Jamsu Bridge; 반포대교와 잠수교 • Hannam Bridge; 한남대교 • Dongho Bridge; 동호대교 • Seongsu Bridge; 성수대교 • Yeongdong Bridge; 영동대교 • Cheongdam Bridge; 청담대교 • Jamsil Bridge; 잠실대교 • Jamsil Railway Bridge; 잠실철교 • Olympic Bridge; 올림픽대교 • Cheonho Bridge; 천호대교 • Gwangjin Bridge; 광진교 • Gangdong Bridge; 강동대교 • Paldang Bridge; 팔당대교My favourite: Banpo Bridge. This is in fact a double-deck bridge, with Jamsu Bridge. Jamsu Bridge is a pedestrian and bycicle path. The Moonlight Rainbow Fountain is the world’s longest bridge fountain with about 10.000 LED nozzles that run on both sides. The water (190 tons/minute) used for this luminous spectacle is directly pumped and recycled from the river itself.

5. Fortress Wall

Mt. Inwangsan (인왕산) in Seoul, South Korea.

The Fortress Wall at Mt. Inwangsan (인왕산). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Seoul Fortress Wall was once built as protection from invaders and to show the boundaries of Seoul. The wall stretched 18,2 km, most parts destroyed during war periods. Currently, the government is trying to restore the wall.

Other things I want to see or do: walking around Insadong (thanks to the advice of another great blog: Modern Seoul), Seodaemun Prison, Olympic Park, World Cup Stadium, several markets (such as Namdaemun Market and Free Market near Hongik University), Hongik University area,


2 thoughts on “My must see in Seoul part 2

  1. Nicely done…I love the blog and I appreciate the mentioning of the University as a must see. My camera and I need placed to visit. If you have written a good piece or would like to write a piece on one specific area I would do the photography for the area. Let me know if you are ever interested.


    • Thank you for you kind comment! I appreciate your offer, I will surely think about it. I am only going to Seoul in October, so maybe you could provide me with some pictures while I am still in Belgium. I would like to know more about photographing, so I would really appreciate your help. Thanks a lot!


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