Special things to pack

Here’s another suggestion from a friend, things to pack. I mean those things we think are pretty logical but are hard to find or terribly expensive in Korea and/or Japan. The following things are only the things important for myself, if you google ‘packing for Korea’, there are lots and lots of other things which may concern other people.

Clothes: first of all, it’s not that easy to find the right size because Asians tend to have a different body shape. I’ve read that for women if you’re over 173 cm or weigh more than 54,5 kg, it’s hard to find fitting clothes. As I weigh more than 60 kg right now, I bet I won’t find any fitting clothes their! 😦 Or I can try to lose some weight… πŸ˜‰

Shoes: if your feet are over 245 mm (for women), it’ll be hard to find shoes in Korea. Since my feet are exactly 245 mm, I suppose I will have to pack enough shoes.

Towels: my mother went to Korea some 10 years ago and she brought towels as a souvenir. We were surprised, seeing the small towels and hearing these were the only size to be found. Seems they only use hand towels… I’ll have to take some normal towels with me!

Deodorant: Koreans and Japanese don’t really sweat (or their sweat doesn’t smell…), so deodorants there don’t really help much.

Toothpaste: the quality of toothpaste in these countries isn’t that great, so bring decent toothpaste!

Honey: it’s very expensive and I don’t want to pay so much for this delicious food.

Spices: in Korea other things than pepper, salt and garlic can be pretty expensive. Since I like tarragon I better take it with me. In an unopened and original packing. I don’t really want to explain it over and over again to the airport security that it’s just spices and not drugs…

Chocolate! How could I ever survive 6 months without real Belgian chocolate?!

Toilet paper or tissues: yes public restrooms don’t often have toilet paper so carrying around tissues is a good idea.

Pain reliever: though there’s a pharmacy (μ•½ – ‘yak’)on about every corner of the street, it’s not that easy to explain in Korean what you need so pain relievers and other medicines one might need are better to be brought from home.

This is about all I found out by now, if anyone has suggestions or can contradict what I said, be sure to reply to this post! Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Special things to pack

  1. Towels is something I would have never thought about. Luckily, I’d done some pre-reading before travelling to Asia and knew to bring toilet paper, but towels… no. I’ll keep that in mind.


  2. kan je eens iets posten over hoe het dagelijkse leven van de japanners en de koreanen er uit ziet?
    tis maar een ideetje πŸ˜€


    • Ik zal mijn best doen om daar eens iets over te bedenken, maar ja ge hebt mensen in de (hoofd)stad en mensen op ‘t platteland… Ik zal er eens over nadenken. ^^
      λ‚˜μ€‘μ— λ΄¬μš”! (na-jung-e bwae-yo! – See you later!)


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