You learn to love the weird and different

Great blogpost from Aneesa & Faraaz, some really funny things. ^^

Live. Explore. Learn. Remember.


Korea has my heart for many reasons upon which I will expand in another blog post at another time. But, I have been here for a while so the initial, “Oh My God, they do what?” experiences have been acclimatized into my daily life. Yet there are still things I find odd about Korea. So I thought I’d share them with you. These are not all my own pictures/experiences but still things that go on and that I see in Korea!

1. Korean girls are obsessed with appearance. One issue is, the whiter the face, the prettier you are. They believe silly things like if you drink milk while you’re pregnant, your baby will have whiter skin, and if you drink coke, your skin will become darker and uglier.
2. Fan Death…almost all Koreans actually believe this is real. They think if you sleep in the room with a…

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