Getting closer

Just a quick post to say that today I start my 100-day countdown!Exactly one hundreds nights left until departure, yay! 😉 In a week or two I will finally apply for BestFriend Center, so then it will be official. Once that’s done, I will tell all details, about where I’ll be staying and things like that. I’m so excited!!


Eatyourkimchi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s celebrate this with an awesome song I found through Simon and Martina from EatYourKimchi (I love them, they awakened my interests in South Korea, check them out if you don’t already know them!)

This is the best song ever! Or at least it’s one of the few songs that  makes me want to move and sing instantly! 😀

Aaaaaand I have another question for those in Korea. What should I do with my phone? Should I leave it at home and buy one secondhand in Korea? Thanks!


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