Great news!



I am happy to confirm that we’ve received your payment confirmation this morning!!! There is an outstanding payment of 15 dollars, but you may pay the rest upon arrival.

I will make your reservation for courses now.

Yay, I’m happy my money finally got to its destination, I got scared it would get there properly! But this morning I got this message so I am now officially registered at BestFriend Center! Yay! It’s getting more and more exciting!

I also went to the administration center in Dendermonde to apply for a passport, it will be there in 2 weeks. After that I’m off to Brussels to inform about the visa I need for Korea. Once that’s finished, I’ll book the airline ticket and then I think I’m all set and ready to leave! ^_^

83 nights to go!


8 thoughts on “Great news!

  1. Just come across your post and thought, “What a small world.” I’m currently studying at the Best Friend Center in Seoul (just finished month one). Its really good (if a little hard) and so you won’t be disappointed.
    Of course if you have any questions please let me know.
    Tim (Modern Seoul)


    • Hi Tim!
      Small world indeed! I’m currently having some trouble with Best Friend Center (as you can read in my latest post) but I’m still looking forward to going there!
      Did you start at beginner’s level? I don’t really know what to expect or if there are things I should already know before going there!
      Thanks for your reply!


      • Just read your latest post, there is a way around it. It would require an overnight trip to Japan, Philippines, basically anywhere outside of Korea, then come back and start a new 3 month tourist visa. So that is a good option for you to continue with your 5 month plans.
        I started at 1-2 basically the second month of level 1. However to reach even 1-2 level you need to be able to read Korean and speak basic words and phrases plus understand some grammar.
        Once again as a school Best Friend is good, but I agree sometimes there management is a little weak.
        Let me know if you have any issues/questions, I’ve been in Korea for 3 years and therefore may able to help out.


      • I know about that but isn’t that a bit risky to do? It’s kind of illegal I think! I thought about it too.
        I see, I can read Korean now but don’t really know vocabulary or anything so I think I’ll start at level 1.
        Oh well, if the school itself is good, then it’s okay!
        Thank you! I will remember! 🙂


      • It’s a bit of a gray area, I think you wouldn’t have an issue as your studying and have housing sorted. For example if you went after 2 month to Japan for a few days and then came back, I really don’t think they would have grounds to deny you entry.

        Your level is most likely 1-1 or 1-2, your placement will depend on the other students compered to yourself.

        Good Luck.


    • 1. Ge weet dat ik no way ga bellen. 2. Als ik mail moet er waarschijnlijk 27 keer over-en-weer gemaild worden. 3. Moeke en Jimmy hebben toch tijd genoeg… :p Nee maar ik denk als ik mijn identiteitskaart, mijn paspoort, 2 foto’s en mijn bewijs dat ik ingeschreven ben meedoe, dat ik normaal wel al het nodige mee heb. En uiteindelijk is Brussel ook niet het einde van de wereld om 2 keer naartoe te moeten rijden hè! 😉


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