Things I’ll miss (1)

Yesterday I was thinking about the things I’ll miss in Belgium when I’m at the other side of the world. I guess I’ll write about those things every now and then.

Earlier this week, my oldest sister Sarah came to visit with her (almost) four-year old son, and we went to our grandmother to take some pictures in her gigantic garden while Dennis was playing. Every now and then we do this; my sister suddenly visits and we go take pictures – just for the fun of taking pictures. It will certainly be something I’ll have to miss for half a year, and it’s going to be weird to not see the kids – Sarah has a one-year old daughter too, of whom I am the ‘Godmother’ – for half a year. Kids change so fast! I’ll definitely miss Sarah too, but I’m sure she won’t change as much as her kids will. 😀 We’ll have to skype often so I can still see and talk to Iris and Dennis while I’m away!

My sister Sarah with Iris (1) and Dennis (4).


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