I’ve been absent for a few weeks and I’ll be so for a few weeks more. The reason? A holiday job and retaking examinations!

From 23 July until 14 August I was working, one week for doing stock count and 2,5 weeks as a receptionist, both at a chemical company called A. Schulman Plastics. This is a company that buys plastic, adds properties (like heat resistance or colours) and sells it again. You might think that’s a bit ridiculous, but hey We compound your success! In other words, they are very important for other companies’ success.

Here’s a scheme of my examinations:

23 August: English and French extra

Now you might wonder why I would have to retake English, because my English is quite alright, right? Well it’s like this: the two languages form one course, and this year they decided that if you didn’t pass either English or French, you couldn’t pass this course. So I have fantastic grades for English, and just not enough for French (like 40-45% or something, need 50%). This is ridiculous, because last year they told us that we better chose this course if we were good in either of the two languages, because they would count together and it would be easy to pass. Not this year… 😦

I have to do tasks for both English and French, and on the exam there is a short discussion. That’s it, but it requires a lot of preparations.

24 August: Spanish

Since I always failed (and still fail) at French, Spanish isn’t easy! But I believe I can do it this time!

I have to do a short presentation about a ridiculously hard subject, followed by a few questions about the course and I have to prepare a resumen and a vocabulary list for the presentation as a written part of the exam.

30 August: French

Yes. Another French exam. Hurray. No seriously, I really really really don’t like French! And the teacher is very strict too. I’m really scared for this exam, because I failed French EACH AND EVERY TIME now in college, which means I failed 7 out of 9 times (last year I had another teacher who graded 50% for both of my French retakes, lucky!)

I have to do a short presentation about French tour operators offering trips to Belgium, followed by a solicitation for some organization trying to stop sex tourism (as if I ever would want to work in such an organization) called ECPAT, and then as a written part I have to write 2 pages about my internship where I did nothing all day because there was nothing to do. Oh boy, I’m so going to fail this one!

3 September: Art and Culture History

It’s not that I don’t like this course, it’s interesting, but why do I have to study 15 different cultures which have about the same characteristics? Maya, Inca, Aztec, I can understand we have to know these 3. But why Huastec, Mixtec, Olmec, Teotihuacan, Toltec, Zapotec, Chimu, Moche, Chavin, El Tajin, Sipan, Tihuanaco? That’s 12 too many! They all play some ball game to decide whose going to die for an offer, they all think offering people will make gods happy, they all build crazy temples and other buildings, of which we can’t quite understand how they did it, they all like tigers. Seriously. And then there’s art and culture of China. Yes, China. I like China. China is fun.

I have to do an assignment of which I don’t even know yet what I have to do and then there’s a written exam with open questions.

So, well, that’s how it is. I’ll be back somewhere early September!


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