I’m back!


Yes, here I am again! A lot of things happened but I’m back now!

1. Re-examinations: all went quite well I think, except for Spanish which I will definitely have failed. But the Spanish teacher knows about my plans to go to Korea, so maybe she will give me just good enough grades to make it. I hope. French was better than expected. I could answer almost every question on the Art and Culture History exam, there were even questions that were the same as last time! French and English extra: English went very well of course, and I think I did okay for French as well. I will know my grades on Wednesday, so I will keep you posted on this.

2. BestFriend Center finally sent me the refund! It’s been more than a month since I cancelled a part of the courses and only now they have transferred the money. I’m kind of angry at the school because the English coördinator I talked to at the beginning was really good at English and helped a lot, I never had problems with this person and then suddenly this person disappeared and there was someone else whose English is terrible and who can’t explain anything properly so I have a lot of problems communicating with BestFriend now! It’s really a pity, they didn’t even tell us our contact person had changed… But I’m glad the money is finally transferred!

3. Today I went to the bank for a Visa card, so I can pay and get money in Korea. This is not that important to mention but still, if I don’t have such a card, I doubt I can get money in Korea. 😀

4. I must hurry to buy my plane ticket, prices are going up up up!

Hmm that’s about all I have to update for now. I asked for information about the homestay family, since I still don’t know anything about them yet and I’m leaving in 20 days…




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