Things I’ll miss (2)

Last time I wrote about my great sister I’m going to miss, this time it’s two things: my brother and Belgian food!

My brother is extremely annoying most of the time, but still I couldn’t live without him. He’s the one I can act stupid with, if people would see us they’d think we’re crazy. Well, we are. I think it’s quite impossible to explain in what way he’s so great, but I’ll surely miss his joking around and his wacky sayings. He probably doesn’t understand how much I’ll miss him, though, but that doesn’t really matter.

A Cuberdon or as we call it a neuzeke (a little nose). (photo credit:

Then there’s Belgian food: real chocolate (Callebaut and Côte d’Or), fries, speculaas (Vermeiren are the best, in my opinion), neuzekes (cuberdons), chocotoffs, peperkoek and so much more! We have so many delicious foods that aren’t that famous. Everyone knows our chocolate and our waffles, but I think that’s about it. There’s even more than what I have enumerated, but those aren’t really that special to me, such as stoofvlees and vol-au-vent. The first things I’ll eat when I come back are probably French fries from ‘t Gouden Frietje! 😀 I hope I’ll like the Korean food too though.


2 thoughts on “Things I’ll miss (2)

  1. Zoudt ge nu korting krijgen bij ‘t Gouden frietje voor de reclame? :p
    We zullen als ge terugkomt een mandeken klaarmaken met al die lekkere dingen. Als het nog niet leeg is tegen dat we op de luchthaven zijn tenminste.


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