Homestay in Anyang

Yesterday I got an Email from BestFriend Center about my homestay. They said there was a document attached with all the information about my homestay. I was really happy that I would finally know more about the guest family so I opened the file as fast as I could.

And then, to my disappointment there was … an address and a phone number. That’s all, I was expecting more than that! I opened Google Maps and looked for the address in the romanized version and I couldn’t find ANYTHING. It took 10 minutes for me to realize I better looked for the Korean address instead.

In the new part of Anyang. (photo credit: World Neighborhoods)

I finally found out I’m staying in the north of Anyang, a city about 20 km south of Seoul, in the Gyeonggi Province. This city is connected to Seoul through subway line 1, which is very convenient. To get to school I’ll need to take that subway line at Anyang Station and after about 20 minutes transfer to line 2 at Sindorim Station. Then another 20 minutes to arrive at Sinchon Station.

Anyang is divided into two administrative districts: Manan (west) and Dongan (east). Manan, where my homestay family is located, is the original downtown of Anyang, and is dominated by a shopping area with outdoor markets. Dongan is the new, wealthy suburb. The city is surrounded by mountains on all four sides. Also, there are 8 streams with a total length of 34 km, with the most important one: the Anyang River, one of four main tributaries of the Han River. The river is a nice place to walk or bike.

The Art Park in Anyang. (photo credit: Visit Korea)

The city itself doesn’t really seem to have many tourist sites, except for an interesting Art Park, which I would love to visit.Also, I looked at the Wikipedia page for Anyang and it says this pretty awesome fact:

Anyang also has the country’s only Singing Road, which is made from grooves cut into the ground, which driven over causes a tactilevibration and audible rumbling transmitted through the wheels into the car body. Drivers can hear the tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb“, and the road is intended to help motorists stay alert and awake.

I would definitely love to hear it!

According to the same page, Anyang has a lot to offer but doesn’t attract many international visitors due to its location and low profile. I’m going to try to explore the city as much as possible and put everything on my blog to hopefully make some good publicity! (as expected from a Tourism student hehehe)


17 thoughts on “Homestay in Anyang

  1. Hi,
    I’ll be attending Best Friend in a week and they told me I’ll be staying in Anyang too. I was surprised haha’s damn far.
    Anyways, you said yours is in Manan-gu? And mine also said Manan. Lol maybe I’ll be staying the same one as yours.
    Any advise?
    Although I’m planning to move to Seoul once another homestay is available ~_~ Anyang..just too far..


    • Hi,
      Hmm everything what I can tell about it is in another post on my blog (Best Friend trouble and Best Friend trouble (2)). I personally had some problems with the school and I really didn’t like the homestay. Mine was indeed in Manan-gu, Bakdal-dong. The apartments are called Hanil U&I. The Anyangstream was my favorite place there, but I guess in this cold period it might not be so much fun. When I was there, it was 30°C warmer. 🙂 Apart from that I don’t really know much about Anyang. Public transport is very convenient, but it is indeed quite far from Seoul!
      Do they have homestay in Seoul? I don’t know about that. I think they are outside Seoul because that’s cheaper, but I’m not sure! I hope you can find a place closer to Seoul because everyone else will probably stay in the capital itself! For how long will you attend BestFriend? 🙂


      • Thank for the reply ^^
        I’ll be there for 6 weeks, and yeah I don’t think I can survive in Anyang that long haha..
        I was given this address:
        Manan-gu Bakdal-dong 607-1
        Hanil You&I APT 102-dong, #2104-ho
        Anyang city, Kyung-gi do

        Sounded exactly the same lol!
        I was just told by the coordinator from BestFriend that they got good reports from this homestay, and told me I should give it a try since it’s the only one available for the time being >_<

        I read you other posts regarding you stay there..oh alone? haha so depressing!

        Thanks for the info. It's very helpful. I'm asking BestFriend to find me another homestay in Seoul asap after my temporary stay in Anyang ^^


      • Hehe you’re welcome! ^^
        Yeah Anyang is nice but it’s so far from Seoul! I stayed in Seoul in November and it’s really a big difference!
        That’s exactly the same as were I stayed in October! That guy oh really I hate that English coordinator! He told me exactly the same too, that there weren’t any other homestays available and that everyone likes this place… This guy really lies all the time! 😦
        Yes eat alone! The son was home 2 times, but only for a few hours, really weird situation! Also, the food she makes is about the same every day, morning and evening! But the good thing is, when I was there, she started to learn English. 😉 So you’ll be lucky she knows a little English. ^^
        I really hope you can find another homestay! Let me know about that, then I know this wasn’t a lie from them.
        If you have any other questions, let me know! ^^


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  3. Once again its a small world as I lived to live in Anyang (sort of) I was offically in Uiwang but worked in Anyang and lived about 400m from the boarder.
    Anyang is a nice town, plenty of markets, shops, restaurants and bars.
    Also as you said its close to Seoul, so I agree its a nice to be based. If you have any questions about Anyang or Best Friend, let me know.


    • Hi, thanks for the comment! Can you help me with bus schedules? I’d like to know where I can find the hours for the buses. I don’t know when the last bus is, so I always come back from Seoul early enough.


      • Normally that information will be on the bus information board at the bus stop. However as long as you’re out before 11pm you should be good unless you need to transfer.


      • I’m sorry I couldn’t help further. Have you started classes yet? If so how are you liking Best Friend?
        I miss the place sometimes 😥


      • That’s no problem at all, Yes I started on Monday. We learned the writing system now and today will start with the book. It’s a little confusing and difficult, because the teacher only speaks Korean with only a few words of English. I’m not sure if I like the school because I’ve had many problems already! But I hope it will get better. Today is Global Party, maybe through this I’ll like the school better.
        Oh really? Then why don’t you go to the Global Party, that’s a chance to visit BestFriend once again. 🙂


      • Glad to hear that at least you’re learning something 🙂
        Sadly I’m working now and don’t finish until pretty late on a Friday so can’t attend. But thinking about returning to studying there in December time.


      • I went to the party but I was quite boring so we left after 15 minutes!
        Oh great. Seems you really like the school then. ^^ I’m thinking about cancelling my second month, I’m not sure if I really want to learn Korean that much. 🙂


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