Almost home

I’ve been counting down the days for some time now, because where I am now is not exactly a place where I feel good. I’m looking forward to going home and I decided -since I’m not really talking much about what I do here in Korea anyway- to post random things from now on.

I want Belgian food!

Real Belgian fries. With mayonnaise!


Belgian chocolate (Callebaut). This is Sinterklaas, who is the ‘original Santa Claus’ (so he was first, Americans saw him, misheard and created Santa Claus). His celebration is on Dec 6, so one week after I get home. ^_^

Mmmm Vermeiren speculaas!

And so much more! And sure, I can eat fries here. But they’re not Belgian. Fries originate from Belgium, so no other can be compared to those at home. Sure, I can buy chocolate here. For about three or four times the price I’m used to. And yeah I can find speculaas (Lotus) here, for about 10 times the price… And of course, there are many other Belgian foods here, but they’re just too expensive! What else did I find, you say? Well here’s about everything Belgian I found in Seoul so far.

Basically, waffles, chocolate and beer. And Smurfs. That’s what Belgium seems famous for. But the last one, a waffle with cream cheese, is a nightmare. Really. Who eats a Belgian (Liege) waffle with cream cheese? Why? I really couldn’t look at it (I tried it but it was just … disgusting!).

I already know what I’m doing first when I land in Belgium: eat fries at our usual fritkot. Without ever stopping home first. Then homewards to take a real shower (I seriously haven’t been able to take a descent shower here in the past almost two months) and then eat chocolate. Dark chocolate. Cote d’Or chocolate. Then sleep, sleep, sleep in my own bed (I can’t sleep here) and then make a brownie cake! That will be what the first 24h in Belgium will be like I guess! 10 days left!



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