Why are fries called French?

As a proud Belgian, I want everyone to know about a misunderstanding. Let me tell you about the so-called ‘French’ fries.

Short and simple: fries are Belgian, not French. 😉

Why are they called French then, you wonder? That is because of a misunderstanding by the Americans in the first World War. American soldiers were in Belgium and discovered these delicious gold sticks. They were wondering what to call them, but apparently they didn’t know the French speaking people (because French was the official language of the army at that time) they fought along with were actually Belgians. That’s why they thought they were in France and called their new discovery ‘French’ fries.

So, remember that they are from this tiny country north of France.

Also, fries in Belgium are different. They’re not like the ones you buy at McDonalds or any other fast food chain. Here is what they look like:

The first pictures shows the smallest portion size (mini, costs 1,60 euros) at our fritkot, the second shows one size bigger (small, costs 1.70 euros) with ‘sate herbs’.  Other sizes are medium (1,80 euros), big (1,90 euros) and family pack (2,50 euros).

At a fritkot there are many choices for sauces and meat/fish/… to eat with the fries. The top pictures shows mayonnaise and a ‘mexicano’, the second shows ketchup and ‘kippets’ or ‘(chicken) nuggets’.

For this post I took my camera to the fritkot again, to take more pictures of the food and surroundings. The photos were taken at ‘t Gouden Frietje (The Golden Chip) in Sint-Amands, the best fritkot ever. 😉

What’s going on behind the counter…

Part 1 of the menu.

Part 2 of the menu.

Part 1 of the snacks (such as meat and fish). Most of these things are still frozen/raw, so they will be fried once you ordered.

Part 2 of the snacks.

Part 3 of the snacks.

As you can see, they don’t look like McDonalds (or other fast food chain) fries at all. 😉

Sauces. And these aren’t the only choices. Belgium has many sauces to choose from. I think at the place we go, they have about 30 different choices!

Well this one is obvious: the tables where you eat.

A view of the whole counter.

Fooooooood! 😉 The one in front is a mini with a Mexicano and mayonnaise. The one on the left is a small with a Sate and mayonnaise. The right one is a small with Chicken Nuggets, curry ketchup, cola and sate herbs.

Altogether this costs about 6 euros.

There are many choices for drinks too.

The kids corner.

I hope anyone who’s visiting Belgium tries a fritkot at least once, you won’t be disappointed! ^^


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