Summer of 2011 – part 1

I know it’s not really the right time of year to post photos of summer days but I’m going through all my photos from oldest to newest and the summer photos were next! 🙂 And well, why not think back of warm times in this cold time of year… Although it’s pretty warm for the time of year in Belgium… It should be freezing but we get temperatures around 10°C (that’s 50°F) while it’s -40°C in Russia… now THAT is cold!

In June 2011, a television program was being filmed in my town, Dendermonde. It was kind of a talk show with many well-known guests. I was very happy it was taking place so close to where I live, so we went there a few times. After the show, there was always a singer or band playing a few songs. By the end of June, a famous festival called Rock Werchter would take place, and because many international artists would play there, a few of them were invited to the show so we got to see them for free! One of those bands even gave us their autographs and took pictures with us! The long waiting was rewarded! ^^ Only about 10 people took the time to wait for them at the ‘backstage entrance’, so we were lucky. That band was White Lies, who I saw live 3 or 4 times already. Another famous band playing was Kaiser Chiefs, who apparently stayed for a drink in public after the show… WE HAD TO GO HOME EARLY THAT DAY! And were very sad after we heard about that… Bad luck that day! But we got to see them live and for free so we can’t complain. 😉

This is the small square where it all took place.

The singer of White Lies, Harry.

Charles of White Lies.

I like this picture. 🙂

The autographs. ^^

Fireworks above the City Hall.

Fireworks above the City Hall.

Kaiser Chiefs (there were A LOT of people that day, we were late so we were in the back and too far to take good pictures).

After that, in July, I worked at my dad’s workplace as a holiday job. I had to ride 15 km two times a day, along an old steam train railroad which made for some nice views and photos. Along the road there was even an emu, which is not exactly the most common domestic animal in Belgium… A part of the road is a path next to one of the most important rivers in Belgium (it flows from the Netherlands through Belgium to France… or maybe in the other direction, I’m not sure): the Scheldt. Riding the path next to this river is my favorite thing to do in summer time, it’s very tranquil and relaxing.

The field next to the emu.

The emu. He (or she) was always too far away last year, this summer I took better photos but those are for ‘Summer 2012’ or something like that. 😀

The steam train railroad.

Many animals and fields along the railroad.

Part of the Scheldt.

In August I visited a nocturne at the Japanese Garden in Hasselt. It’s the biggest Japanese Garden in Europe.

A waterway in the garden.

The pond in the garden.

The stream.

It was a special day, the garden was opened until late in the evening and the put little candles in the pond. As I recall they celebrated Tanabata.

I noticed there are too many pictures for that summer so I’m going to split it into two parts. Next up: the Royal Palace in Brussels, more images of Brussels and the Museums of the Far East (also in Brussels)! Oh and maybe some autumn-like summer photos too.


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