Summer of 2011 – part 2

Here I am with part two of the 2011 summer memories!

In August, the Royal Palace in Brussels was open to public for one day. I was lucky enough to go there and see this impressing building! This is the place where the king has meetings with important people, such as presidents and ministers from around the world. To me, all rooms looked like sets for a movie. Really really nice! If you ever get the chance to visit it, please do so, it’s worth it.

This building has nothing to do with the Royal Palace, but I really like the style and the symmetric architecture.

It does look like a movie set, right?

Another one of those old but impressing rooms!

The courtyard (don’t mind my reflection).

Really worth a visit!

Must’ve been expensive, all that gold…

That green… is made of insects! I don’t really know the details but yes, it’s made of insect parts.

The front garden of the Palace.

The front of the building, very mighty and imposing!

And that day we visited a bit of Brussels too.

I really like symmetric architecture… This is a shopping gallery near the Palace.

A view of Brussels.

This is the Museum for Music Instruments. It’s one of my favorite buildings in the capital city.

Another one of those very nice classical style buildings.

A few pianos were outside on the streets, maybe for some special event.

A very nice church (or cathedral), if I’m not mistaking this is were the royal weddings and baptizing and those things take place.

Another Gothic church.

In September we have a day to celebrate monuments, and on these day many museum have free entrance, so my friend and I decided to visit the Museums of the Far East in Brussels. These consist of a Chinese Pavilion, a Museum of Japanese Art and a Japanese Tower.

The Chinese Pavilion.

The Japanese Tower.

The Japanese Tower.

The Chinese Pavilion.

That summer felt like autumn. We only got a few days of really nice weather, the rest of the time we got a lot of rain. Because of that, a lot of mushrooms popped up in the middle of summer… These photos were taken on a trip to the Netherlands, at Centerparks.

On a trip in the Netherlands.

Also in the Netherlands.

Another mushroom in Holland.

A flower pond.

There was a tiny beach too.

Tall trees.


3 thoughts on “Summer of 2011 – part 2

  1. Van dat groene plafond, als ik mij niet vergis wou koningin Paola dat en heeft ze zelf ook geholpen om al die insectenschilden erop de kleven/bevestigen. Volgens mij hebben ze haar initialen er ook ergens in verwerkt.


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