Spring 2012 – March part

It’s freezing in Belgium. -2°C at this moment, but earlier this week mercury fell to -12°C, which is rather cold for Belgium. Until a week ago, temperatures were around 10°C (since around Dec 10), warm enough for spring, so trees and plants have started to bloom too early! I hope they’ll survive this cold weather…

But back to spring last year! In March I visited Bruges, my favorite city here in Belgium. I’ve been there about 10 times in the last few years and I still enjoy wandering around the small streets and historical/old buildings.

A river cruise in the middle of the city.

The ‘Minnewater’ (that’s what the water party is called) and the old Beguinage.

Birds in the ‘Minnewaterpark’.

At the ‘Minnewaterpark’.

Also in last spring, I did my internship at the Tourism Desk of my city, Dendermonde. While doing one of my tasks I saw the beautiful cherry blossoms and had to take a picture. Later on the second picture was chosen to be in the city magazine, I was really proud!

Cherry blossoms, the Dender and the old buildings of Dendermonde in the background.


The chosen one.

Some more pictures I took during the internship.

An old toll game, in which I got the all-time high-score!


The ‘Brusselse Forten’, a remainder of a defense system of the city.

And a few pictures, taken in a nature park in my village, also in March.

I really love this place.

It’s a bit of wilderness.

Since I seem to have many pictures for April and May, I’ll post the ‘Spring 2012’-post in three parts.


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