Spring 2012 – April part

April is of course the month for flowers to blossom, especially my favorite cherry blossom! Unfortunately we don’t really have many cherry blossoms in Belgium, but we do have the biggest Japanese garden of Europe (in Hasselt).

I could stare at these all day!

A few cherry blossoms in the city.

Easter candies!

The day we visited the Japanese garden in Hasselt, we also went to the Abdij Van Herkenrode, an abbey with a big flower and herb garden near the Japanese garden. It was a little early in the year to see most of the flowers and herbs, but it was still worth the visit.

A wooden path on a marshy field.

Swampy field.

A star shaped flower.

Around the garden.

The small rivers were great.

I just realized something went wrong with the frames… Please don’t mind that. 🙂

Don’t you thing this is a nice piece of architecture?

The cherry blossom festival at the Japanese garden.


Beautiful flowers.

I’m looking forward to this year’s cherry blossom season, I’ll be in the country of cherry blossoms! ^^

Seems this garden has the most cherry trees in Europe, and as I recall also the most different sorts!

The iris bridge.

Also in April, I was doing my internship at the tourist desk in Dendermonde, and one morning was extremely foggy.

The Palace of Justice in Dendermonde with the Dender in front.

And when riding my bike home every day, I saw many fascinating skies.

This is the one I used for the title image of my blog.

This one I took on the same day as the previous photo, it’s amazing how the clouds can change so much in such a short time.

Does anyone see a turtle?

One of the medieval games we played on the internship. You have to toss the horseshoe around the poles.

And lastly, for a family thing, we went to the Zoo in Antwerp.

The coolest animals in the world! 😀

Cherry blossoms at the Zoo.

As if he/she was posing for the photo.



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