September and December 2012

In September 2012 we went to Maaseik for some Belgian ‘folklore’. I’m not sure if it could really be called folklore but they baked a typical local cookie in an authentic way so in a way that’s folklore I believe. The cookies are called knapkoeken (‘knap’ is the sound it makes when you take a bite) and are only produced in small quantities in the Dutch-Belgian region Limburg. Normally their size is about 15 cm in diameter but this time of year every year, an event is held and specialized bakers make an exceptionally big cookie: 3 m big! When it comes out of the oven, they use special hammers to break it into pieces.

At that time in Maaseik, a Chinese exhibition was held which made for some Asian decorations in the city centre.

Some more Asian decorations in Maaseik, Belgium.

This is the oven in which the knapkoeken were baked.

Then on to December of the past year. I posted some pictures of the first snow and Sinterklaas already. Oh, why such a time gap in between? In October and November I went to Korea. Some of the photos I took in October can be found here and a selection of the pictures I took in November you can find here. It would mean a lot to me if you take a look at them too! ^^



More books.

And a video of the first snow to finish with.

Unfortunately that was all for December. Next will be January and probably February of this year. That means that I almost posted everything from the past. Which means… I won’t have anything to post after that?! No worries, in about two weeks I’m leaving to Japan so I’ll probably have lots to talk about then!


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