Japan, here I come!

Hurray! Tomorrow, early in the morning, I start my journey to Japan!

First I’ll quickly repeat the information I already put here on my blog. The first three weeks (March 18 – April 5) I will follow Japanese language courses in Fukuoka. I’ll stay in a dorm in Minami. After that I’m going to WWOOF. (more details here)

The first WWOOF-host is confirmed. This host is located in the town Yoshii in Ukiha, Fukuoka Prefecture. I will stay there for 2 weeks (April 6 – April 20). The host makes bread, jam and soap. There’s an orchard with persimmons and blueberries (used for making jam). Also, the host says he likes sports and he’s making a golf course. Furthermore, one of his other professions is making stained glass. At the moment there is another WWOOFer from Taiwan so I will not be the only one there.

The tasks as described on the host’s profile include: general farming, weeding, harvesting, shipping goods, pruning trees, making bread, helping at events. So it’s no difficult work and I can learn a lot from it! The workload will probably be less than 6 hours a day, which means I’ll have lots of free time to explore the area and to enjoy rural Japan. And maybe I can learn golf and tennis (one of the other hobbies).

The town is about 1h30 by train from the place I’ll stay in Fukuoka, it’s more inland and a rural area. The photos I saw on Google Earth are interesting, it looks like a nice neighborhood, traditional and quiet. There seem to be quite a lot of little antique and secondhand shops, where I definitely want to stop by.

Ukiha (photo credit: welcome-ukiha.jp)

Ukiha (photo credit: welcome-ukiha.jp)

Ukiha (photo credit: welcome-ukiha.jp)

Ukiha (photo credit: welcome-ukiha.jp)

Ukiha (photo credit: welcome-ukiha.jp)

About the other places I will contact: one is in Munakata, near Fukuoka, where WWOOFers talk to kids in English about their country, culture, nature, …; walk the dogs and work a little in a vegetable garden. The other one is in Bungo-Ono, Oita, where they have a big flower garden. But I still have to think a bit about these two.

That’s it for now. Today I’m going to sleep a lot, because I can’t sleep on a plane and I’ll be travelling for more that 24 hours!



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