WWOOF in Ukiha – part II

April 23, 2013 – part II

So, where did I end yesterday… Oh I see, it was 6.45 and I was waiting for the wi-fi password! Well as you can see I obtained the password and was finally able to assure everyone of my being alive. I don’t seem to remember what we had for dinner… So since I don’t even remember yesterday evening, let’s skip that part and go to

April 24, 2013

As always, I woke up early. This time 6.30 because it wasn’t as light as usual due to heavy rain. Breakfast was only at 9.00 so I waited and waited. At breakfast Yoshio-san told me we were going to post 5 of his Grand Golf flyers near Fukuoka. Breakfast today: homemade bagels with cheese, raisins or cranberries. With that omurice (omelet with rice), some penne pasta and tomatoes. Since I don’t eat tomatoes I got cucumber instead, mmmm!

We left around 9.40, our first stop was somewhere near Dazaifu. The first sign of life there was the cutest dog I’ve ever seen. Probably some Japanese crossbreed. And then there was the old man, 85 years old. He apparently collects a lot of junk, and Yoshio-san could take things from it for his Grand Golf. After a while the man invited him into his little kitchen for some coffee and nuts/seeds from whatever plant. Since his speech is a little murmuring I couldn’t understand a word he said and he looked at me as if I should understand everything, kept on talking! But he was a very friendly man! Yoshio-san told me the paintings on the walls were all by the man’s hand and asked me if I wanted one. Well of course, they looked amazing! But I was afraid these beautiful paintings would never survive the long journey to Belgium. After a while we left here with a big and a small box full of small goodies.

On to the next place, where the man was working in his garden when we arrived. The rain had made way for some light clouds and from time to time the sun came peeping through the clouds. This man was probably about the same age as my host father, so he was easier to understand. And he took into account that I only studied Japanese for 5 weeks too. Once again a very nice man. We chatted for a little while and off we went to our next stop.

For the next destination we needed the tablet with the a map to guide us. And here’s were I got to use the directions we learned in school, yay! I thought I’d never need that. On our way there, we were so close to Ijiri -where I stayed at the dorm for the past five weeks- and I so wanted to pay everyone a visit! But that wasn’t the purpose of our travels so I didn’t say a word. We arrived at our destination, but this time Yoshio-san didn’t even know which house was his friend’s house. He asked around and tried to ring the bell and knock the door but unfortunately without success!

We went for destination number four, but first we realized it was time for lunch! Yoshio-san suggested gyuudon, which is a bowl of rice topped with thin slices of beef. With that we got the miso soup and salad set. I almost (almost!) finished everything, but once again the portion was too big for me. I only left a bit of rice and some of the soup though.

Destination number four was also without success so we left he two flyers and the omiyage (souvernir, which we left at all other places too) at the front door. Our next stop brought us to an elderly home. Here we met a very interesting man, his son was Yoshio-san’s senpai in school, as far as I could understand the conversation. We stayed there for quite a while, but around 1. 40 it was time to leave.

This brought us to our last destination: home! On our way home we stopped at some place where we bought old milk cans (?). I guess Yoshio-san is going to use these to store the golf balls. After this we made a quick stop at the ‘golf course’ to drop off the two boxes we obtained at our first destination. Yoshio-san made me practice some golf, because I’ll probably have to show off next week on the Grand Opening. The golf course is in fact in between the persimmon trees, so it doesn’t look like a golf course at all… Oh well if they want to believe it is, why not! I of course completely failed because my eye sight isn’t that good, but it was good enough.

So now back home, with a last stop at the supermarket, because I had to make a chocolate cake. So when we got home I got the task to make a cake and well since some ingredients were missing I had to go with what I had. The cake is done now and it looks alright, but the taste will probably be slightly off!

Curious about how the cake tastes? Check back tomorrow for the answer! ^^



2 thoughts on “WWOOF in Ukiha – part II

    • They always pay! The only money I’ve spent was for the CD;s. It’s kind of awkward to never pay but I’m not going to argue with a Japanese about who’s paying! Haha!


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