WWOOF in Ukiha – Part IV

So, I don’t have a clue what happened after the obaachans came to visit. It’s been since Friday that I updated my blog, and to be honest I remember nothing at all of what happened in the meantime. So let’s skip what happened after that! I vaguely remember Saturday’s happenings, luckily I have my facebook updates to help me remember what I did.

April 27, 2013

Before noon we tended the kaki trees and did some more preparations for Monday’s golf course opening. In the afternoon I went for a little walk, the weather was lovely. I decided to find a way up the mountain, and found an asphalt road that seemed to go up. Along the way I saw lots and lots of kaki trees, they’re everywhere! Except for that, I was astonished by the amount of cemeteries I found up the mountain! Japanese graves look very peaceful and in my opinion they’re a pleasant aspect of the mountain. Looking down, I found wonderful views of Yabe and Yoshii-machi. The view is really impressive.

After about 40 minutes up the mountain I turned back, because I didn’t really know if I still had to help or not. I came back and found the house empty. I wondered if I was too late, or if I wasn’t expected to help anymore that day. I stayed home after that, but I’m sure I’ll get to the top of the mountain some other day!

In the evening I was alone with obaachan, because my host parents had to go somewhere overnight. For dinner I got a combination of potatoes, pasta and rice, which is a pretty strange but not that bad combination.

April 28, 2013

After breakfast we headed to Chikugoyoshii station, because I was finally going back to Fukuoka to see my friends! We left here at 9.30 and I finally got to GenkiJACS at 11.50 or so. It took ages to get there! Our Korean friend, who invites us to go to an onsen, was late, so it was no problem that I was late too. We went to Wakita onsen, somewhere between Fukuoka and Munakata, about half an hour drive from GenkiJACS. There we ate lunch and then it was onsen-time! It was the first time for me to go to an onsen, but it was very nice and relaxing. At first I thought the water would be too hot to handle, but the water turned out to be colder that the bath here at the homestay. So, yes, I luckily survived!

After the onsen we went back to Fukuoka and had coffee/tea at Starbucks. Our dinner was at Freshness Burger, and I must admit that I’m happy Jan made the suggestion. As always Freshness Burger was delicious, but we had to hurry because Danielle and Jan had to get somewhere around 7.

I went back to Hakata station, where I was terribly confused but happy that signs are also in English. I got on the train and the doors closed, I was just in time! I got dark so it was even more difficult to see which station we stopped at, but I successfully got off at Kurume station. At the other side of the platform -the same as where my train from Ukiha stopped in the morning- a train was waiting and people were rushing to get on. Since I knew there were only 3 minutes for my transfer, I suspected this to be my train to Ukiha. I quickly asked a woman and luckily, she told me this train stopped in Ukiha. I got on and as soon as I boarded, the doors closed. I was really happy that I got on both trains just in time, because my host father would be waiting at Chikugoyoshii station.

On our way home we stopped at a supermarket and at a dvd rental place, where we rented 2 DVD’s for only 160 yen! We got home and watched one of the DVD’s, Mission Impossible. Good things the movie was in English with Japanese subtitles, except for the parts where they speak Russian! I went to bed before the end of the movie, but I think I’ll watch it again some day.

I’ll do my best to post about Monday and today soon. I’m tired of typing so I’ll end here for now. 



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