May 2013 – Part Yabe Jizō Kōen and Kappabashi (Ukiha)

Among the most famous and popular of yōkai, the kappa is a creature that ranges over the whole of Japan, subject to a wide range of interpretations and kin to a whole tribe of strange aquatic goblins of similar design. But this little water monster is still consistently known for some  unique and often rather silly characteristics.

The first of these is the water-filled dish, or moist cap-like plate on top of its head. The water in thekappa‘s head provides it with its supernatural power, and if it dries up or spills the creature will lose its great strength or even become too weak to move.

Another of the kappa’s distinctive traits is its love of the humble cucumber.

More on: The Obakemono Project

This place can be found in a very rural town near between Kurume and Oita, Kyushu. It’s called 屋部地蔵公園 (Yabe jizō kōen) in Yabe, Yoshii, Ukiha. I personally really liked this place, and would recommend it to everyone. I took a lot more pictures than these, which you can find here.


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