Trip to Seoul – part II

It’s been quite a while since my last post, blame it on glandular fever, a French exam and 10 days of foreign friend visits.

Here’s part II of the trip to Seoul I did with my Canadian friend. Where did my previous post end? Oh right, we visited the castle, I met an old friend and we went to Insadong and Myeongdong. From there we continued to Banpo Rainbow Fountain Bridge by expensive taxi. I think I took about one hundred photos of the bridge ‘in action’, but of course I had to make a selection. A few of the better photos:

Banpo Rainbow Fountain Bridge.

Banpo Rainbow Fountain Bridge.

Banpo Rainbow Fountain Bridge and Namsan / N Seoul Tower in the background.

Skyline next to the bridge with Namsan / N Seoul Tower in the background.

After that we quickly went to Hongdae, where our hostel was, and enjoyed the many streets performers.

Dancers in Hongdae.

A singer and drummer performing in Hongdae.

Another solo singer performing in Hongdae.

After this we went back to the hostel to sleep. In the morning my friend would go to some spa thing, so I wandered about in the quite and peaceful Hongdae that was so lively only a few hours before.

How peaceful! The same place as where I took the pictures the night before.

The city that never sleeps … is asleep.

Lifeless in the morning.

This place is full of little clothes shops and packed with people in the afternoon. 

Oh and fun fact about the picture above: right at that corner on the left, I met a guy who just wouldn’t leave me alone. Eventually I went for coffee with him, suddenly a friend of his arrived, they both spoke totally terrible English to me (translating every single sentence through some translation app on their smart phone) and then the guy blurts out he wanted to marry me. If only his English was better… (he was rich 😉 )



Then, off to our last stop before heading to the airport, we went to the next subway stop. My friend is a big fan of Korean pop music, and I told her I knew where one of the Music Entertainment building was located. That’s the YG Entertainment Building I’m talking about, for those who know about K-pop. We didn’t spot any famous (or aspiring famous) people, but for some reason it did feel special to be at the other side of the road sipping our fruit juice on the terrace of the local convenience store.

YG Entertainment.

We hurriedly got to the airport and could board the plane at the appointed time.

See you later, South Korea!

Or … that’s what we thought! After being in a pretty hot plane for about 45 minutes, the crew led us back into the terminal. Problems with the engine. All was unclear to us, since the staff barely spoke English, but we got two meal tickets each and the time we had to be back was clear enough, so off we went looking for dinner.

DELICIOUS airport food. And cheap!

And then, over an hour later (we were supposed to be in Fukuoka already, where we were supposed to meet our friends whom we couldn’t contact unless we found free wi-fi…) we boarded a new plane. We think it flew all the way from Fukuoka or from headquarters in Jeju.

Bye Bye, South Korea! (second try)

I’ll leave you with some wonderful Konglish, found in the airport:

Liquids can not enter with!

Next week: Kitakyushu and a ferry to Kobe!



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