Travel through Japan: part I

When we finally landed in Fukuoka, we soon met our friends and had a great evening with them. I stayed over at my Canadian friend’s homestay house and the next day we enjoyed a hot but relaxed half day. After that we walked to Tenjin Station in Fukuoka to find our bus, which would bring us to Kitakyushu. Since it was our first time to take a highway bus, we were too confused and asked a bus driver which bus we needed to take. It was his bus and so we boarded and soon after the bus left. A while later we were wondering where exactly we needed to get off, because the names of the stops were either too small to read from the bus or they weren’t in English. My friend asked the driver, who growled some simple English words thinking we didn’t know what we were doing. In the end it turned out to be the end stop, where the driver in a more friendly way told us to get off and he even pointed out the direction to the station. Just to make sure, we asked a lady if she could tell us where the station was. She went all the way with us to the station, which appeared to be a bit farther than we would’ve thought. Such a wonderful person! From there a bus would take us to the ferry terminal, and since we had quite some time before that we lunched at a nice bakery inside the station.

A bakery in Kitakyushu Station.

Following our tasty lunch, we had to wait for the bus to bring us to the ferry terminal, so we went to a park near the station, called Kitakyushu Sea Breeze Park.

Kitakyushu Sea Breeze Park

We watched a skater practice his skills.

A skater practicing his skills.

And ran through a fountain, just because it was hot and my friend dared me to do it. When she saw I actually did it, she couldn’t resist and ran through it too! We returned to the bus stop, where a number of people were also waiting for the bus to the ferry terminal. The bus arrived soon after and so we went to the terminal, boarded the ferry and explored.

From Kitakyushu to Kobe.

The deck.

The ferry terminal!

And the sun set.

The interior.

Good morning! Only a few hours before arriving in Kobe.

Such a beautiful view!

Passing under the bridge.

We enjoyed breakfast and arrived in Kobe soon after. Stay tuned for the start of our adventures traveling through Japan!


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