Travel through Japan: part IV

In Nara, we didn’t have a specific attraction we wanted to visit (except for the deer) so we just roamed around the city.

Belgian beer for over 5 euros a glass?!


A really cute shop in Nara.

Many temples and temple-like buildings in Nara.

Native Works.


A non-touristy temple in Nara. Beautiful!

And yes, deer. Deer everywhere!

More deer!

Seeing the deer, we realized we arrived to the touristy part of Nara.

And so, we visited the same temples we visited the night before.


In Nara Park.

There were lots and lots of children! The kids had to take surveys in English. We thought it was so cute that we actually kind of approached the children ourselves to help them out. 😉



Some sculpture in Nara Park.

Majestic! (I suppose the giant Buddha statue is in here? We didn’t know about it and when telling our travel stories afterwards, people said “What, you didn’t see the Giant Buddha?! How is that possible?!” Shame on us…)

Wonderful landscaping in Nara Park.

They’re really everywhere…

You can never visit enough temples in Japan!

And then, after noon, when all children had left for some other interesting destination, the park was EMPTY! After the business of Japan, and the hectic traveling, we relaxed in the park for hours to regain our energy.

Hundreds of deer were still there, of course.

I think I saw this in a drama! (a drama about a teacher who is sent out to a school in Nara, he gets ‘cursed’ by the deer and when he looks in the mirror, he’s changing into a deer himself. When I watched, I thought it was an awkward drama but after visiting Nara I like it a lot more)

Intriging statue. (in the drama mentioned before, this fox god had an important role too)

It’s really a fantastically landscaped park!


Nara Park.

Another one of the places we visited the night before.

And one more place we visited at night.

It was time to go to our next destination: Kyoto!

Near Nara Station.

Japanese mascots are awesome!

These Japanese mascots are interesting!

And one more mascot!

Nara was definitely my favourite place of this travel through Japan. It wasn’t the last one, so do look forward to the continuation of this trip! Kyoto it is!


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