Travel through Japan: part VII

It’s May 22. I leave the hostel in Ginza early in the morning, in order to find the coach station in time. I walk to the Kyoto Station, and after searching for a while, I find the meeting point for my coach operator. I’m too early so I eat a コンビに (convenience store) breakfast. Some time later, we can board the coach. It looks spacious and very pink, and has an entertainment system as the ones seen on planes on board. After everyone got on, we leave the station for a trip of about 7 hours (including rest stops) to Yokohama.

Interior of the coach.

The trip is long but not uncomfortable and around 5 pm we arrive near Yokohama Station. I’m having difficulties find the station, and get help from a hospitable Japanese man who shows me the building. Once inside, I’m still perplexed due to the immense crowd of people and the huge area the station covers. I know which train operator I have to use, and I know which line I have to take, but I still ask a few Japanese people to make sure I’m on the right track. I get off at the wrong stop, and once again I look completely lost and confused, but as always there are a few Japanese people to help me out. I finally arrive at the hostel, where I find a tiny room for my friend and me.

Including a huge, useless and noisy refrigerator.

My friend arrives from visiting Mt. Fuji and we decide to not stay here for two night (we can’t even unfold our futons properly!). Before going to sleep, we cancel our second night (and luckily get all of our money back) and make arrangements to stay at an acquantance’s place in Tokyo the next night.

Finding this in our hostel’s men’s toilets was quite awkward. Why I was at the men’s toilets? Because I had to go there to find the sink for brushing my teeth. Gross. I know right! And in case you wonder who/what this is in the picture: that’s Belgium’s famous Manneken Pis.

We get up early, to get away from here as soon as possible. First a walk through Chinatown, and then the harbour area. On the map, we notice a big amount of parks along the harbour so we agree to spend our day enjoying Yokohama’s parks.

Following now are some random pictures of that day, with a short description (we didn’t really do anything special that day so I think only the photo descriptions will be enough for the rest of the post).

A fountain in park number one.

A ship in the harbour.

I fell in love with park number two: an almost completely symmetric park.


Mosaics in the fountains.

Symmetry and mosaics in the water.

Simple yet interesting structure in the park.

Ruins with unknown purpose.

Yokohama port with Yokohama Bay Bridge.

Many artists taking advantage of the beautiful parks.

Yokohama Marine Tower.

Streets of ‘downtown’ Yokohama.

Peaceful portside park. (I didn’t mean to have 3 p’s)

Dinner at Freshness Burger (in our opinion the best burger chain in Japan).

Cosmo World with Cosmo Clock 21 (the ferris wheel).

Yokohama Landmark Tower.

Strange amusement park with Christmas decorations in May.

After walking around all these parks and the rest of Yokohama, we are exhausted and travel northwards to our host for the following nights.

(this post was supposed to be longer but when I finished the first time I accidentally pressed backspace and all was lost, so I made ‘take two’ a bit shorter)


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