Travel through Japan: Part IX

Wow, this will be the last part of my Travel through Japan series! Apparently it’s getting a bit boring (or so I was told), so I’ll go over the last part a bit faster. Not much happened in the last two weeks I spent in Japan, so that’s not going to be too difficult.

Elevators in Kawasaki Station (not really Tokyo).

I photo the granddaughter of my host mother snapped at the playground. : )

A wide open space in Tokyo. Didn’t expect that, did you?

And well, in fact that was all I had for these last two weeks in Tokyo. I stayed at my host family during those two weeks and helped out at their real estate company. I made friends with the people there and experienced life in Japan some more.

For a few days I couldn’t stay with my host family since they were going on a trip themselves, so I stayed at colleague’s homes. They were very keen on having me visit! First I stayed at the apartment of a young girl of the same age as me -who didn’t speak any English- and we went to sentou (Japanese public bath) and either karaoke or a darts place (or both?), I can’t remember since I went out with them twice. They also made yummy food for me and I really had a blast!

The next night I stayed at the home of a colleague’s daughter, which was really cool. I got to experience yet another Japanese lifestyle, this time a more luxurious one. So there were a woman and two most adorable kids who quickly took liking to me. In the evening we ate out and man, it was delicious! I’m not sure if I remember correctly, but I think it was shabu shabu. There were some friends of the family and of course they too were pretty interested in the foreigner. It was fun, getting to know these people and all. The next day the children had to go to school so the mother took me to a shopping mall. When we returned, she thought of surprising her daughter so she took me to the bus stop to await her return. The girl was so surprised and happy to see me. A bit later the boy also returned from school and they both did their homework (such good children). By the time I had to leave, the girl had already fallen asleep so we tried to wake her up (but failed). Before I left we took a picture together, the girl had finally woken up and was in the I-just-woke-up mood so she was crying her heart out when they told her I had to leave!

(A few weeks later, the mother wrote to me that she still couldn’t talk about me to her children because they’d start crying instantly! My heart melted.)

Then it was also time to say goodbye to Tokyo. I had to fly back to Fukuoka to get my suitcase in Ukiha and to get on my flight home. I had travelled with just a small backpack this past month! So I flew to Fukuoka, took the train to Kurume, took the train to Ukiha and walked all the way to my WWOOF host family. A friend had spotted me and told them I was on my way their so they met me halfway (okay not halfway, I was practically there). It was a happy reunion with these kind people and I stayed a bit to tell them the stories of where I went and how I had been but then it was time to go again.

My best friend in Fukuoka offered me to stay at her house for my last night, but before that I met up with her and some other friends from Fukuoka. We had okonomiyaki, mmm! I spent a fantastic last (or that’s what I thought) night in Japan with them before going to my friend’s house. In the morning we drove to Fukuoka airport, to learn my flight had disappeared. I don’t know for which reason but my flight wasn’t on the departures screen, for no reason. After some negotiating the airline offered me a night at a hotel for free, since I hadn’t been notified at all about the flight change. I would have my flight the next day, same time. By that time 2 other friends already arrived at the airport to say goodbye to me, they were shocked when they heard the story! I had to say goodbye to my Japanese friend because she had to work the next day, so sad. One of my other friends had nothing to do that day so she suggested to accompany me to the hotel. A suggestion I gladly accepted because I could definitely use some help with finding the hotel and carrying all my stuff. After I got my stuff to the room, we went out to find food because we hadn’t eaten yet! Korean food, yay! We walked around in one of Fukuoka’s shopping malls before we had to say goodbye too. The hotel was alright (it was probably the first time I stayed in an actual hotel!). I woke up early to be in time for the flight and well, that was the end of this adventure! Wow, the tears!

Goodbye Japan!

(I know this isn’t allowed, but I couldn’t resist the temptation of taking pictures during the take-off)

See you again Fukuoka!

And off I went, back to Belgium.


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