November 2013

I spent a few more days in Yokosuka, just hanging out with the host family.

Old Japanese shop

After spending a month in Yokosuka, I moved to Kawasaki.


The apartment I stayed at was right next to Kawasaki’s Korea Town.

Koreatown, Kawasaki Koreatown in Kawasaki

In the area there was lots of industry and the air was very dirty, but I still liked the back streets there.

Japanese back streets

About halfway through November, I was wandering around the back streets and stumbled upon a Korean festival. There was music and foods, a flea market and more music. I really wanted to buy the delicious smelling food but unfortunately I didn’t have any money with me…

Korean festival in Kawasaki Festival in Kawasaki Food at festival in Kawasaki

On my way back home, I found a little park with an old tram. I don’t really know why it was there, but it looked nice.

Old tram Park in Autumn

I like the little quiet streets in Japan, somehow they make me smile.

Kawasaki Awesome building somewhere in Kawasaki Autumn decorations Queen

From where I stayed, I had an amazing view which included… Mt. Fuji! And sunsets + Mt. Fuji = breathtaking moments!

Sunsets1 Sunsets2 Sunsets3

The evening view from the busy streets below was also quite nice.

Shinkawa Dori evening Evening in Shinkawa dori

Some day in late November I went to Tokyo. I didn’t really visit because I don’t like Tokyo, but I think the skyline looks pretty cool.

Tokyo Skyline Tokyo Tower Tokyo Skyline2 Odaiba

A few days later I had to take the train to meet up with a friend, so I went to the nearest station. It turned out to be a stupid idea, though I was happy to explore the little streets some more. When I arrived at the station I didn’t find the right entrance so I got to this old looking platform where no one else was around and when my train didn’t arrive on time -something very impossible in Japan!- I realised I was completely wrong… Apparently there was another entrance to a platform with a newer infrastructure opposite the entrance I took. I missed my train, and on top of that I lost my train ticket too! I retraced my steps to look for it, but in the end I had to buy a new one. Train tickets in Japan are really tiny little papers so it was almost impossible to find it. I’ll just think that I made someone happy with a free train ticket that day. 😉

Hamakawasaki train station An empty train in Japan?! (wow an empty train in Japan?!)

At the end of November I visited Sankeien in Yokohama. It’s a really nice Japanese garden with lots of buildings and two beautiful ponds. It’s one of those place I’d love to visit again one day!

Sankeien At Sankeien Visit to Sankeien Sankeien. Autumn leaves

I kept this post short, because I’d have to split November 2013 into two posts otherwise. I’m trying to catch up with my posts. I still want to show everything, so I’ll keep the text a bit shorter until I caught up completely.

A few videos to end this post with:


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