Discovering Kokuban, a Japanese restaurant in Brussels

My friend with whom I did part of the Comic Book Route in Brussels, suggested we went to a Japanese restaurant, since I love the food and she hadn’t tried it yet. I hadn’t been to any Japanese place in Brussels before, so I browsed the internet and found this promising little restaurant in the town of Ixelles. The restaurant, called Kokuban (meaning blackboard in Japanese) is just a 20-minute walk from the city centre, and we were just in time for pretty much all the seats were already taken.


After getting the menu, I explained a few things to my friend, who is a Japanese food ‘amateur’. I ordered gyuudon (beef rice bowl) for myself, but I can’t quite remember what my friend got at that time.


When we got our food, my friend was quite surprised at the sight of only chopsticks as utensils. I quickly explained the right way to use them, and she adapted to them perfectly. After out meal, we ordered mochi ice cream, with tea and sakura flavour.


The food was so delicious that the next week I invited another friend to go there with me, and the week after that too.



In Belgium, owners of Asian restaurants are usually Chinese, but it was different here; the owner really is Japanese. The number of Japanese customers was proof to me that the food does really taste like authentic Japanese food. I went there a few times after last summer with a different friend each time, and none of them could deny the deliciousness of the food.


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