Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (a.k.a. the Dinosaur Museum)

The Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences’ Museum of Natural Sciences is often known as the Dinosaur Museum, especially by kids. For them, the dinosaur part is the most amazing and interesting so they remember only this part. Last August, we visited the museum with my sister’s children and honestly, they only wanted to see the dinosaur gallery.


The museum is well worth a visit. It has several permanent exhibitions and temporary exhibitions. Dinosaur Gallery, Gallery of Evolution, BiodiverCITY, 250 Years of Natural Sciences, Mosasaur Hall, Minerals Hall, Shells Hall and Insects Hall are all always available. You pay 6 euros for the permanent exhibition halls and 2,50 euros extra to get access to the temporary exhibitions. Children between 6 and 17 pay 4,5 euro, younger can get in for free. On the first Wednesday of the month, the museum is free after 1 pm. The museum is easily accessible by public transportation.


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