Train stations

Don’t ask me why; I like taking pictures of train stations. Especially ones that look abandoned. They aren’t abandoned, but they look peaceful without travelers. Last winter I took some pictures of train stations where I had to wait, since there was not much nature to take pictures of. 🙂

The one in my village is pretty much always empty. It’s located away from the village’s centre so it’s always quiet and has a nice view while waiting for the train.
Baasrode-Zuid Station, Baasrode, Belgium
Baasrode-Zuid Station, Baasrode, Belgium

Then there’s Dendermonde Station, the train station in my city. It’s old and is in need of repairs/renovation. There are plans, but knowing Belgium’s railway company it will probably take a few more years before the planned renovation will take place.
Dendermonde Station, Dendermonde, Belgium

And then Brussels-Midi (sometimes Brussels-South). Something special. This is where the platforms for international trains are located. My train always stops on track 7, the track between the international and the national part of the station; kind of making the division line between the two parts. So when I look to my left, I see this:
Brussels-Midi Station, Brussels, Belgium

And when I look to my right, I see this:
Brussels-Midi Station, Brussels, Belgium

I personally like the older part better than the new one. Mainly because I have bad memories of the new part, which is incredibly slippery on a day with heavy snowfall. A very uncommon thing in Belgium, but that doesn’t mean they have to use some marble-ish surface for the platforms now does it? Anyway, the older parts feel more like Belgium, I guess. ^^


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