Ah… the Atomium. Belgium’s infamous monument made of balls. Simple, but somehow intriguing. I love it. The outside. Visiting the inside is not worth it in my opinion. And expensive. Tourist trap. But the outside is awesome!

Atomium, Brussels, Belgium

The idea behind the structure is an elementary cell of pure iron, an element that was getting very popular back then and symbolized the optimistic view on development in the fifties. In January 2013, CNN named the Atomium the most bizarre structure in Europe.

Atomium, Brussels, BelgiumThe building is located in the Heizel area, and is easily accessible by car or via metro (Heizel metro station is only a few hundred meters away). It was built for Expo ’58, the World’s Fair held in Brussels in 1958. Originally meant to stand for 6 months only, it was decided at the end of the fair to keep the building due to its popularity and fame.


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