Heritage Day: Maritime Museum in Baasrode

On the 26th of April, Flanders and Brussels hosted the annual Heritage Day again. On this day, intangible, cultural heritage is celebrated all over the Flemish part of Belgium. Many museums are free of entrance fees as well on that day. That’s why we visited the Maritime Museum in our village. I visited a few times before, but this time we also went to the old work areas which I hadn’t discovered yet. I like the abandoned vibe in the ateliers.

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9 thoughts on “Heritage Day: Maritime Museum in Baasrode

    • We’ve been wondering about that too… :p It’s some art object made by an artist from this village. I’d add ‘mustached’ and ‘goggled’ to your wonderful description! 😀

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      • I suspected as much. If I don’t get it, it’s usually some kind of art. 😉
        You’re right, I was rather blinded by the rest, but yeah, definitely mustachy and goggly action going on there. 😀

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      • Hehe, I usually don’t get art either, but this thing looked rather interesting, though we can’t really say what it is. 😀 I think the artist always makes things out of metal stuff. He’s got a huge spider crawling on the side of his house too! 😛
        It is one interesting creature, isn’t it. 😀


      • It will stay a mysterium forever! *grumpy face and wise wizard gestures for emphasis*
        Well, I bet he gets fewer visitors than artists who create ponies … xD
        Indeed! Which means the artist did a good job. ^^


      • Hehe it will indeed!
        I think the poor man doesn’t get any at all… *I’m not crying, there was something in my eye*
        Yep, I can’t agree more! 😀


      • Aaawwwr 😦 Those poor artists. Nobody ever gets them. Wait, I’m technically a writer so I’m nearly close to being an artist! Damn … 😀


      • Shush, writers are possible the most ‘normal’ artists, we get you! :p But maybe when you’re old you’ll be one of these solitary creators… 😀


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