Not sure if sakura

I’m not sure if these are cherry blossoms. They could be apple blossoms. Maybe. If someone knows; comment!
Blossoms in Vlassenbroek, Belgium Blossoms in Vlassenbroek, Belgium Blossoms in Vlassenbroek, Belgium


7 thoughts on “Not sure if sakura

  1. Not that I have any idea of botany, but the one time I found pink cherry blossoms, they were fluffier. 😀 Just looked at them and they have several layers of petals, so maybe yours are appleblossoms. But pretty anyway. Just check for fruits, whenever it’s supposed to be cherry or apple time! 😛

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    • Why thank you for your help! When I was writing this post I checked for both apple and cherry blossoms on google images and as far as I could tell they looked more like cherry blossoms than apple ones… Hmmm! Hopefully some botany expert can show us the light on this one! 😀


      • I’m from the internet, my dear, so I always try to be helpful and hopefully that doesn’t end up as: “Well I got this one picture and it seems like that might show cherry blossoms and my uncle Robert once lived next to a cherry orchard, so I must be an expert in this!” 😀
        Hmm … Maybe you can summon them when you dance below a cherry-apple tree and wave a botany book over your head?

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      • Hahaha that’s just too funny! xD
        Well that might work! I see you’re even an expert at summoning other experts! 😀 *frantically look for botany book*

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      • Of course! My expertise is umm very expertisy and out-expertises everyone elses expertise … Okay, I should stop now XD
        If you find one, please record the summoning and tell us about the result! 😀


      • I believe what you’re saying is at least a 100 percent true. You’re the epitome of expertiseness, I’m sure! xD
        I sure will! … Maybe! … Some…day? :p


      • At least 100 % sounds realistic 😀
        Maybe next year when you’re walking by the same tree and still don’t know whether it’s apple or cherrieblossoms … 😉


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