Scheldeland in Stoom (Scheldt Region in Steam)

Made a trip to the past again! Taking a steam train is such an adventure, and interesting as well. We were in a carriage that was used to take people across borders to other parts of Europe, so they were adapted for sleeping as well. The locomotive seen in the pictures is one that was built in 1926, and was used in/for the coal mines in Genk and later in Wallonia.

I really love being able to experience this ‘back in time’ feel. Being able to experience how it was almost a hundred years ago. Being able to experience what I read in books like Sherlock Holmes and Jules Verne’s books. It’s a luxury to have this. It’s also wonderful to see these young kids being fascinated by such a simple thing as an old train.

It’s great to know that they’re still improving the experience (for the first time in 50 years they could have two trains passing each other, they just constructed a new track so that they can have the trains running in shorter intervals).

Looking forward to next year.

Scheldeland in StoomScheldeland in Stoom Scheldeland in StoomScheldeland in Stoom


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