Never been more busy!

Woah, my last week (okay, let’s say 10 days) before leaving to Japan has been incredibly busy! I’m usually not the kind of person that has a busy life, in fact I live quite the quiet life. But these past days have been hectic, in my opinion. There wasn’t one day on which I didn’t have one or two meet-ups with friends. It’s been tiring but fantastic!

Last week, on Tuesday, was the last day of my summer job. In the evening, after finishing my extremely boring ‘work day’ (I had absolutely nothing to do for 10 days, 8 hours a day…) I went straight to Brussels to meet up with my two best friends from school. We were supposed to meet up at the central station at around half past 6 to go to an Indian restaurant together. My mom’s boyfriend brought me and during the ride there I charged my phone for a bit because the battery was pretty much dead. I got off at the station and after five steps I realized I had left my phone in the car. Uh-oh! I went to the station and didn’t find my friend where we usually meet up, so I ran through the station twice, hoping I would find them, but without a result. Since I did have my smartphone with me (I only use it for free WiFi), I thought of using our school’s WiFi, since school is only a few minutes away from the station. But then! My smartphone first connected to a hotel’s WiFi, so I told my phone to ‘forget’ that connection, and I chose the school’s WiFi to press ‘connect’ but unfortunately pressed ‘forget’ instead. This meant my data were deleted and I didn’t know the username and password off the top of my head so I couldn’t use that WiFi… Bummer! For a few moments I wasn’t really sure what to do, because my friends were definitely already wondering where I was by that time. I tried going to a restaurant where I had connected to the WiFi before, but it was closed so no WiFi there. Then I just tried walking around to find free WiFi somewhere and luckily found WiFi some minutes later, finally! Once I got connected to some free internet, I didn’t move until I saw my friends and was relieved to see them a few minutes later. Brussels is really behind its time, no WiFi to be found! There should at least be WiFi in the train station, in my opinion… In any case, we were finally united and had only 10 minutes to get to the Indian restaurant we booked. There isn’t much more to say, except that the food was great and we had a fantastic evening! I’m glad our friend brought us to this restaurant, and I’m sure we’ll go again when I’m back. Of course, due to not having my phone, I had some trouble contacting my mom’s boyfriend, and because of a miscommunication we ended up waiting for 45 minutes… I even had to spent 50 cents to use the station’s toilets while waiting. 😦 Why do we have pay to use the toilet?!

The next day, Wednesday, I checked out Brusselbad (some kind of summer festival in Brussels with several food stalls, cocktail bars and other activities) with a friend. We went there at noon and tried Romanian food. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t too bad either. After that, we decided to go to the Nieuwstraat, Brussels’ main shopping street, because I needed a few more things for my trip. I didn’t find any of the things I needed, so we had dessert at McDonald’s instead. McDonald’s is in my opinion quite expensive, but a McFlurry is among the cheapest ice creams you can find in Belgium. These days you pay up to 2 euros for just one scoop at other places! Fun fact: the McDonald’s we went to was the first McDonald’s of Belgium (opened in 1976 or something), yay! In the evening I met up with 2 friends in Dendermonde (our city) for a drink. Not much to say, except the price of the drinks went up quite a bit, such a shame! 😦 But we had a good time nonetheless. ^^

This was only the start of my busy 10 days! I’ll probably post two or three more posts with stories from these busy days until I arrive in Japan.


One thought on “Never been more busy!

  1. It’s the same over here. Never ever go to Germany, if you expect free WiFi anywhere xD Usually the only places that have some are coffee chain stores like Starbucks, cafés catering to MacBook using hipsters or MacDonalds, but at least for some of the cafés that doesn’t mean the WiFi is reliable. Of course the bigger the city, the happier the WiFi-searcher. 🙂
    Btw I’m really excited for your reports from Japan. I’m seeing myself as nearly being on the way to travelling there next year (so far without ANY plan besides this “I need to go there”-feeling xD), so I’m always eager to hear new stories about it. Especially from funny Belgian girls of course! 😀


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