Lazy Friday + fireworks + flying to Fukuoka

On Friday I didn’t do much. I wanted to wait until the warmest part of the day was over before going outside, so I just did some inside things. I looked for the English manual for my camera and read it through (partly, the thing is 388 pages long!), I finally wrote blog posts about my week and I read a few more chapters of Angels and Demons. I also put my suitcase back in order, so that I just have to put back my things before I leave here on Sunday. (I started writing this post on Friday, during my ‘I have to write blog posts because I’m so much behind already!’ time, and plan on posting it on Monday, so don’t mind the awkward use of tenses in this post…)

Once the temperatures started dropping again a little, I once again set out for a walk around the neighbourhood. I always stayed near the ‘健康の道’ routes, just to be sure I wouldn’t get totally lost again. Not that I mind much, but with the heat I prefer not to. I should visit Koiwa again in a different season and explore some more!

Koiwa, Tokyo, JapanKoiwa, Tokyo, Japan Koiwa, Tokyo, JapanKoiwa, Tokyo, Japan Koiwa, Tokyo, JapanOn Saturday, I mostly helped preparing the food for the fireworks festival. It’s a big thing in Japan, and friends and family flock together in front or on top of their houses. Yes, on top of their houses. It’s awesome! In any case, with my host mother, I prepared amongst others some utterly delicious cheese gyoza thingies and meat pies. I made chocolate mousse and brownie cake as well. In the evening, pretty much the whole family arrived. I was a little bit disappointed that I wouldn’t be there to watch the fireworks, but later on, it turned out that I had absolutely no right to be disappointed. 😉 I did miss out on the delicious foods, but I had the chance to see the fireworks from the first row. Although our necks hurt from looking above us, we did enjoy every single bit! We didn’t reserve our spot, so we had to stand. But standing in one place is prohibited, so we had to shuffle along the whole thing. The whole hour or so, we kept on hearing “do not stand still here, keep moving, it’s dangerous, it’s hot, keep moving”. They were right about it being really warm there, we sweated like pigs! I took quite a lot of pictures, so I bundled them a bit. Edogawa Hanabi Taikai Edogawa Hanabi TaikaiEdogawa Hanabi Taikai Edogawa Hanabi TaikaiEdogawa Hanabi Taikai Edogawa Hanabi Taikai

I was supposed to wear yukata to the event, but my host mother forgot about it and I didn’t want to bother her once her guests arrived. Maybe next time!

After the fireworks, my friends and I returned home and my friends were invited to the roof for a bit as well. They left not much later, probably because of Japanese custom. Around 10 pm, we cleaned up the roof and returned inside. The kids were as energetic as ever until 11 pm!

After a not too long night’s rest (my host parents and I stayed up until around 1 am), it was time for me to leave! 😦 I had a great time in Koiwa, met amazing new people, had the chance to practice my Japanese a lot and will miss the people a lot!

My friend brought me to the bus station, where I took the bus to Narita Airport. On the way there, there was a pretty big traffic congestion, which I later saw was due to a whole lot of people wanting to get off the highway at one exit. The bus was half an hour late because of this, so I arrived only at 12:20 and my plane was at 13:10. CRAZY! But I made it in time. The plane ride was alright, lots of children. Why do people take children (and babys!) on planes?!

In Fukuoka everything went quite fast, though I had a bit of a problem finding the right train to Ijiri (where the dorm is located). When I arrived at the dorm, my Flemish friend Karolien was already awaiting me. After I dropped off my luggage in my room, we set off to find dinner, which we had only two hours later in the end. We roamed around Ijiri and so found a supermarket and the station we needed to get to school, without actually looking for them. 😀


2 thoughts on “Lazy Friday + fireworks + flying to Fukuoka

  1. The fireworks look absolutely stunning! :O You are awesome at photography (and seem to have a suitable camera for taking pics at night :D), so feel praised, please! ^^


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