The new Genki and getting lost in Hakata (1)

On Monday 3 August it was time to see the new Genki (that is Genki Japanese Language and Culture School). Two years ago, they were located between Akasaka and Tenjin stations, a perfect spot to explore Fukuoka city. Earlier this year, the school announced a move to Hakata, which caused me to worry. We all loved the location in Tenjin, so a move to Hakata (which is more like the business district of Fukuoka) couldn’t be any good.

Unfortunately, I was right. The location is just really boring and I honestly don’t like the new building at all. But well, I shouldn’t be putting every single complaint on here, because I still love Genki anyway. I’m only disappointed about the new location. We were probably spoiled at the previous location. 😉

So on one of the first days I had afternoon classes but I decided to tag along with Karolien in the morning. After classes had started, I set out for a little walk in the neighbourhood, and ended up walking about 10 km. I stumbled upon some cool temples and shrines, then ended up at Hakata Port and on my way back to school I had lunch at a Korean place in the basement of Hakata Station.

Hakata, Fukuoka, JapanHakata, Fukuoka, Japan

I planned on following the river that leads to Hakata Bay, but at one point I couldn’t follow the river anymore and had to get off my path. I followed my curious nose and found a place of worship. I entered, not sure if that was okay, not much later finding a group of Chinese tourists. It was okay to enter, I guess. 😉

Hakata, Fukuoka, JapanHakata, Fukuoka, Japan Hakata, Fukuoka, JapanMore on the temple and the rest of my getting lost in Hakata walk tomorrow and the next days! ^^


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