Ukiha: lost and found

After visiting the farmer’s market in Ukiha, we walked through the persimmon fields to get to the ‘historic centre’ of Ukiha, with its white walled houses and rustic atmosphere. We kind of got lost, which basically means I didn’t remember the right way very well and we ended up walking through some residential neighbourhood, after which we found the main road again. And then we lost our way again. But hey, we did get to our destination with ample time left before meeting with my friend.

Ukiha, Fukuoka, Japan

I used to always use that red M-sign as my guide, it always told me where to go or where I was.Ukiha, Fukuoka, Japan

These Japanese spiders (and insects as well) are huge! Like, a lot bigger than the ones I’m used to in Belgium.
Spiders? Huge! Bees? Huge! Wasps? Huge! Bugs? Huge! Beetles? Huge!
Ukiha, Fukuoka, JapanUkiha, Fukuoka, Japan

If anyone can tell me the name of these beautiful flowers… I’m dying to know what they are!Ukiha, Fukuoka, JapanUkiha, Fukuoka, Japan Ukiha, Fukuoka, JapanUkiha, Fukuoka, Japan


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