Ukiha: sunset under paper lanterns

As we arrived back in the white washed walls district, the sun was setting and the paper lanterns we saw at noon were beautifully lit. We got some time to take beautiful pictures while our friend went to pick up her husband.

Ukiha, Fukuoka, JapanUkiha, Fukuoka, JapanUkiha, Fukuoka, JapanUkiha, Fukuoka, Japan Ukiha, Fukuoka, JapanUkiha, Fukuoka, Japan Ukiha, Fukuoka, JapanUkiha, Fukuoka, Japan Ukiha, Fukuoka, JapanWhen our friend returned with her husband, we were a bit indecisive about dinner. It took some minutes to come to a decision; basashi! Horse meat, raw. Yep, no problem! We both hadn’t tried it before, and had mixed opinions after trying it. I opinionated that it tasted rather bland but not bad, while my friend judged it too be a bit weird. Along with the horse meat, we had a variety of snacks, because my friends actually didn’t have any other food to offer. Oh well, basashi with crips and wasabi… Why not!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little trip through Ukiha, and that you’ll check it out if you’re ever in that area. I do recommend it! 😉 If you haven’t read my previous posts on Ukiha, make sure to check them out here!


7 thoughts on “Ukiha: sunset under paper lanterns

  1. Very pretty! 🙂 I really like paper lanterns. But usually my photos end up as blurry blobs in front of a black background. xD
    For how long will you be staying in Japan this time? (In case you already told me and I just forgot about it … sorry!)

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    • Thanks! I tried a few of my cameras options and the pictures turned out right… Lucky! 😉
      Secretly I’m already back in Belgium! I stayed for 3 months (returned about a month ago).

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      • Hehe, too bad I won’t remember! xD That’s why I believe I still suck at photography, I STILL don’t understand the settings… I just do whatever 😛
        You know how we Belgians are… xD But fear not! You’ll see Japan stories on here until February or something! 😀

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      • Yes! That’s always happening for me too! XD I get frustrated with trying to figure out the best setting, try out three random settings and one of them magically almost works, but of course I’ll never find out why … ^^”
        Since you’re the only one I know that means they all love Japan and go there regularly, right? 😀
        Yaaay, that sounds good! ^~^ Maybe then I’ll get motivated to finally start learning the language again.

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      • Hahaha yep! 😀 That’s why I keep telling people I’m not good at photography, I’m just lucky they magically turn out good xD
        Belgians prefer sunny destinations, I think. 😛 I hate running into Belgians in Japan though, it makes me realize how cocky my people actually are! xD
        You should, you definitely should! ^^

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      • Alright, I’ll just stick with the random approach then 😀
        Okay, so I’d have to go to some beaches to meet Belgians. Noted 😛
        Just got motivated to at least repeat the Kana in my learning app – because a Japanese guy and a European-looking guy are sitting behind my on the train. XD And the blonde, bearded guy is soo fluent in Japanese, I’m impressed! :O


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