The day I caught that horrible cold + Himeji locals

The Australian high schools that were leaving 588 Guesthouse when I arrived had stayed another night. I was asked to help Megumi do the cleaning after they left, because every single bed had been used. Luckily, we could finish everything in just one hour. We waited until the girl in the annex left and did the clean-up there.

I was still dealing with a lack of sleep, so once we finished I took another nap. I set my alarm for 12 AM, but I really couldn’t get out of bed yet, so it was only until 2 PM that I finally managed to get up.  I went to the supermarket and got lunch, did some sudoku and just things to keep me busy. It was a rainy day (the only rainy day until a few days ago) so I wasn’t going out for touristy things. Good things both the guesthouse, the annex and the supermarket were located in a shoutengai (a covered arcade with shops, bars etc.) so I didn’t even need to go ‘outside’ to go to the supermarket. I love shoutengai!

After Megumi left, it was time for naptime, part two. I set my alarm at 6:30, because the castle would have a pink hue that day for breast cancer awareness. Not just the castle, but all street lights were pink as well that day.

Himeji, Japan

Himeji, Japan

Himeji, Japan

While I like the original castle better, the pink one was definitely amazing as well. There were so many people taking pictures, like EVERY SINGLE PERSON was taking pictures. I walked around for a bit, but returned soon. I was just chilling a bit, probably writing this diary, when suddenly I realized I had forgotten about dinner. It was 8:30. You’d think that isn’t late, right? Wrong! In Himeji, shops and restaurants close around 9 PM! But I obviously didn’t know that. I walked to the supermarket, which was supposed to be open still, but they had closed the entrance already. Too spoiled in Fukuoka, where supermarkets close at 10 or 11 PM. So I had to go search for dinner elsewhere. But everything was closed! Before resorting to a konbini I tried the other side of the station. And woah, what did I find? Freshness Burger! Best burgers in Japan, if you ask me. SAVED!

That day, I caught the most horrible cold. I might have had a lung infection as well. I stayed sick even until I returned to Belgium, I think it eventually lasted for 6 weeks. SIX WEEKS! Due to this, I could only enjoy the rest of my stay in Japan half as much as I normally would. So sad! 😦

The next day, I had the morning shift again. A Japanese guest started talking to me, praising me for my good Japanese, and said a friend would arrive soon so if I liked I could talk to her while she was getting ready. Both of them chatted with me and they invited me for lunch (the friend was a local from Himeji) so we decided to meet up when I finished at 11:30.

People have to check out from the guesthouse by 10, but the last guests left only at 25 minutes past. I had half an hour delay on my chores, so I worked as fast as I could to finish in time. We met up a bit after 11:30, when they took me to an apparently well-known hamburger shop/bakery. Foreigners all over the place! But good burgers, a bit too expensive though. The table next to use was suddenly full of young foreign guys. They talked to my new friends for a bit, but I couldn’t quite follow the whole story. Turned out they were Mormons on their mission. We took a picture together and I asked them to send it to me but they never did. Too bad!

After the hamburgers, my new friends took me for a walk around town. But I’ll keep that story for Wednesday! 😉


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