Himeji walk + golden hour + sunset from Egret

Day 8 in Himeji: I had to work the morning shift, with just two check-outs and the guy who was staying for a long time. One of the people who checked out was Dutch, so I could speak my own language again!

“There’s bread in the freezer, toast it if you like!” Kyoko sent me a message in the morning, but since I had cereal for breakfast, I had the toast for lunch (that way I didn’t have to spend money on lunch ;)). After lunch I left 588 Guesthouse and rested a bit in my room.

2 PM, time for another walk! I took my camera, got ‘lost’ again (as long as I know how to go back, I’m not really lost, okay?). On the way back I passed the station and tried out the ‘Belgian waffles’ from ‘Manneken’. Manneken obviously referring to our -for reasons unknown- incredibly popular peeing statue in Brussels. They were okay, but for just a 100 yen, they could never be the same as in Belgium (where they cost at least 1,50 euros, or over 200 yen). Along with Godiva shops, the Manneken shops are popping up like mushrooms all over Japan.

Himeji, Japan

Himeji, Japan

Himeji, Japan

Around 4:50, the sun started to go down, so I finally grabbed the chance of the golden hour. I went to the castle and around it, for some nice pictures because the light was perfect. As always, I really don’t know how to properly use the settings on my camera, so the pictures don’t show how beautiful the castle really looked.

Himeji, Japan

Himeji, Japan

After about half an hour of taking pictures around the castle and taking in the breathtaking sight of the beautiful architecture, I ventured again to the top of Egret for sunset pictures.

Himeji, Japan

Himeji, Japan

Himeji, Japan

Himeji, Japan

A bit past 6, I returned to 588 after dropping my camera off at the annex. Just in time! Kyoko was about to start making dinner! I didn’t like the meat much but the rest was delicious.

Kyoko left around 8, so I was alone for the rest of the night. There was en American guy who had been living in Japan since two years so he just spoke Japanese. His American accent was horrible, but his Japanese itself was really good!

I went home around 11, wrote my notes and went to bed to get rid of the cold that eventually lasted for six weeks…


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