Walking around the moat

Day 10 in Himeji: After a very short night, I got to work at the guesthouse at 8 AM. A bit later, Kyoko arrived and told me she read my facebook post (in which I complained about the noise that made it difficult to sleep). She asked me whether I was okay and, after preparing breakfast for me, told me to go back home and get some sleep. She was such a kind person!

Around 11 I woke up again, still tired but feeling a bit better already. Around quarter past twelve, I had lunch. Or well, just cornflakes and hot chocolate but better than nothing, right? After lunch, I wrote my notes for the day before and just relaxed for some time.

A bit after two, I went out for a walk before work, to get some sun vitamins. I wanted to walk around the whole circumference of the original castle grounds, so following the outer moat, but I lost it somewhere near the end. Better luck next time!

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I returned around half past three, deleted a few photos from my SD-cards, which were getting full because I was taking too many pictures (I had only 10 GB for 19 days!). Before going to work, I went to the taiyaki shop down the shoutengai and got custard and pizza versions. During work, Kyoko stopped by a few times and made my dinner.

Around 10 PM, I watched the first episode of a new drama on TV. It looked promising so I planned to watch it when I got my laptop back, but it’s already over 2 months ago and I haven’t started watching it yet… I was proud of myself that I managed to follow the main story without subtitles! ^^ The drama ended 10 minutes late, so I kind of did 10 minutes overtime… 😉


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