Last days in Himeji + another visit to Mt. Shosha

Day 12 in Himeji: Morning and evening shift. In between I walked around the whole castle grounds, following the outer moat, which is about 4,2 km (2.6 miles) in total. After work, I walked around Himeji Castle and to Otokoyamaย with a few guests from the guesthouse. For some reason I didn’t take my camera anywhere all day, so no pictures.

Day 13 in Himeji: I got my stuff together to spend my last two nights at the actual guesthouse. Since I had no more work on my last two days, I was a real guest for two days. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Kyoko invited me to have lunch together for my last day(s), so together with Megumi we went to a Korean restaurant nearby. The food was okay, but the service wasย mechakucha (messy). After lunch, I met up with a German guest to go to Mt. Shosha again. I wanted to go back because last time I forgot my camera’s battery, but the weather was bad so I felt it was a waste of time and money (also because my companion turned out to be an asshole…).

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When we returned I was so tired that I could barely move anymore. I spent my evening talking with Japanese guests, who complimented my level of Japanese several times.

Day 14 in Himeji: As planned I barely went outside, hoping my cold would finally heal. I wanted to sleep all day but the Japanese girl who started that day was incredibly slow. When I was writing my notes, it was 2 PM and she still hadn’t finished (while normally we finished around 11 or half past 11).

I went out a little before lunch to buy some Belgian chocolate and Jules biscuits as a thank you for Kyoko and Megumi. I hoped the girl would finish by the time I got back, but she still hadn’t finished.

I packed my luggage, apart from the few things I still needed. Kyoko promised me she would be at the guesthouse in the morning to see me off, so I went to bed early to catch up on some sleep before my four days of travel.


12 thoughts on “Last days in Himeji + another visit to Mt. Shosha

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    • It was my last day in Himeji, I had 4 more days of travel left, stopping at place between Himeji and Fukuoka, and than one more week in Fukuoka.
      I already returned home at the end of October, I’m completely behind blogging about my trip because I never had time/energy to post! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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