Quick stop at Hiroshima

(the past posts were based off of my notes from back then, but for some reason I forgot to take notes about the rest of my trip, so the next few posts will probably be a bit less detailed)

When I was having breakfast at the guesthouse in Onomichi, I started talking to a Japanese woman who was also planning to go to Miyajima that day. Coincidentally she would be staying at the same hostel there as well so we agreed to meet up in the hostel there as well.

I set off to Miyajima early and got off the train at Hiroshima station because a friend told me that it was worth it going to the Peace Memorial Park. I wasn’t planning on going to Hiroshima at all, but I though I’d have enough time to explore Miyajima if I just stopped by for a short time… The thing is that if you didn’t take a tram to the park then it was quite a distance to walk there from the station. I’m all for walking instead of talking the tram/subway so I decided to walk… Bad idea!

I was completely lost and used my phone’s GPS for the very first time. I updated the map images every time I was near a konbini (convenience store), good thing they all have WiFi now! I lost quite some time getting to the park, and after resting there and taking the obligatory photo, I looked around the park and then walked in the direction of the tram that would take me to Miyajima-mae Station.

Hiroshima, Japan Hiroshima, Japan

Honestly, I’m not at all interested in Hiroshima. I mean, it’s all a terrible thing that happened with the atomic bomb and everything, but reading about it doesn’t really affect me. I wonder whether I’m a terrible person for not being affected by the remains of such a tragedy.

Anyway, I got on the tram, didn’t understand how to pay and was glad Miyajima-mae was the last stop so we just had to pay a guy at the station’s exit. The funny thing is, I was on the tram for about 1,5 hours and I only had to pay about 200 yen (1,5 euros)!


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