Miyajima views from Mt. Misen

So, apart from thousands of stairs, I of course saw beautiful scenery as well. But really, the stairs kept on coming, and I had no idea when I would get to the top of Mt. Misen.

Miyajima, Japan Miyajima, Japan Miyajima, Japan Miyajima, Japan Miyajima, Japan Miyajima, Japan

There were signs along the path pointing out several possibilities for the continuation of my route. I opted for the observation deck.

Miyajima, Japan Miyajima, Japan Miyajima, Japan Miyajima, Japan Miyajima, Japan

For my way down, I choose the easy way out. I’d seen a cable car on the maps and signs, to get there I had to go down and then hike a little more. The views from the cable car were amazing!

Miyajima, JapanMiyajima, Japan Miyajima, Japan

By the time I got down, the sun was already starting to set. The sun sets way too early in Japan!

Miyajima, Japan Miyajima, Japan

When I got to the guesthouse, I realized I was completely broke. I ran to the nearest 7 Eleven for an ATM (for which I had to take the stairs down for the underground tunnel twice… I don’t understand why they didn’t just have a pedestrian crossing on the road). I got the money, paid for my stay, arranged my bed and went down to the cafe part of the guesthouse where I met up with the Japanese woman I met in the morning.

She was talking to a Canadian guy who was volunteering in the guesthouse. I joined them and we had a really good time. I do recommend the guesthouse; because of the cafe it’s really easy to talk to the other travelers. I did have a rough time trying to sleep, because some people returned after midnight and they mad lots of noise… Even turning on the lights! Too bad they couldn’t follow the rules set by the guesthouse. 😦

In the morning I chatted with the Japanese woman and Canadian guy again, but after realizing I’d already missed two possible trains, I had to leave. (In the end it turned out I had lots of time left but better safe than sorry, right? ;)) At the station, the station staff was really helpful, giving me some sort of JR Pass for the area because it was cheaper than the one-way ticket to Shimonoseki. Such kind people!


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