For the love of Shoutengai

I love shoutengai. I don’t really know why, but they always attracts me. Maybe it’s their quaint shops? Maybe it’s the ‘covered street’ part? Maybe it’s the atmosphere? Maybe it’s the old feel? Anyway, here’s a collection of the shoutengai I passed during my travels. (also, in case you missed a post of my latest ‘Japan adventures’, I put all links to them in this post ;))

I was bored in Kobe (see more Kobe here), so I checked out the (still sleepy) shoutengai:

For the love of Shoutengai For the love of ShoutengaiFor the love of Shoutengai
In Himeji, the guesthouse where I WorkAway’d was actually located IN a shoutengai! (read about my adventures in Himeji here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14) Which meant I could walk through the shoutengai every single day… and I didn’t take a single photo of it! Here’s another one I found in Himeji though:

For the love of Shoutengai

When I was trying to find my way in Okayama, I ended up in a shoutengai and while hanging around a bit, I could see a second performance of the Uraja dancers in that same shoutengai (but as you might remember, my camera’s battery died too soon).

In Kurashiki, I chose the way through the shoutengai instead of the ‘normal’ route:

For the love of Shoutengai

Onomichi? Another guesthouse located in a shoutengai + the longest shoutengai I’d ever seen! (as I said, I was tired and just wanted to find the guesthouse, so no photo)

When I was a little lost in Hiroshima, you guessed it, I ended out on a route with an enormous shoutengai. (I just wanted to find the Peace Memorial Park, so no photo)

Miyajima might have been the only place where I didn’t find myself in a shoutengai at some point. Unless the little shopping street between the port and the shrine could count as shoutengai of course!

Shimonoseki? The station looked a little like a shoutengai!

In Kitakyushu I just walked from the pedestrian tunnel to the station so… no shoutengai!

That reminds me that, though I have been tot the one shoutengai in Fukuoka, I haven’t really actually ‘visited’ it. A new idea for my next trip! I did take a few pictures of it though:

For the love of Shoutengai For the love of Shoutengai For the love of Shoutengai For the love of Shoutengai


5 thoughts on “For the love of Shoutengai

    • I hope you do! Let me know once you visited one 😀
      Aha! I just immediately thought of the ‘Be Prepared’ song from uh, the Lion King I think? 😛 I’ll be prepared! ^^


      • I will. If I recognize that I am standing inside of one 😀
        I really like that there’s a German word for those times, when you can’t get a tune out of your head … Cause I’m having one of those moments right now. With Scar elaborating his plans to take over the kingdom in my head. Great xD Hmmm, I think there’s no such “tune spinning in my head”-word in English. 😦 Do you know any other languages, in which you can say that? In German it’s “Ohrwurm” (literally “ear worm”) btw ^^


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